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  1. Mark Cuban’s comment on this topic is only 80 points. (out of 100)

    1) Yup, Apple have been selling form factors, but truthfully they haven’t
    really been improving it for a long while. (Anyone who understand
    technology should know what I am talking about) Just because the
    technology moves ahead and apple shove one in their phone it is not called

    2) Yup consumers are easy, iphone is not the best phones on the market.
    Most smartphones have similar or equal features, so in the end it comes
    down to appeal of brand and appearance.

    3) Apple haven’t really innovated since the Mac II, today’s Apple is not
    even a tech company anymore. There haven’t been a real paradigm shift in
    Apple products other than packaging for people who don’t know about tech.
    Take the original iphone, and then take a Japanese flipphone of the same
    price from that time, functionally the flip phone was either equal or
    better to the iphone. Meaning the current smart phone were just an
    improvement on existing phones used in Japan, whether it be features or
    network or form factor.

    4) The problem is Apple is stuck in this place where they can no longer
    innovate, only repackage and refine. So Apple is definitely out of the
    equation when the next round of “paradigm shift” comes around. Sure, Apple
    can buy up new tech, but real tech firms have a huge advantage when it
    comes down to it. Apple is most likely going to get screwed, especially
    once consumers become more educated about technology in general.

  2. If you’re a fan of +TED? Then I recommend that you also check out +FORA.tv
    . You make also want to see what +Mark Cuban has to say about Apple.

    Do you agree that this is Apple’s biggest weakness?

  3. If they would just stop charging so much for computers. It’s ridiculous.
    They could easily have at least 50 percent of the computer market if they
    dropped prices. 

  4. That was dumb. Cuz next year they double the sales with the iPhone 5s. And
    in fact they are not just the highest selling phone, but 2, 3rd highest
    selling on the list too. And they lead in MP3s which nothing else is even
    out anymore, and iPads. Cuban you were just fortunate to buy Microsoft
    stock before it exploded. Apple will always sell because they have the best
    tech and their buyers are more loyal than any other company.

  5. Apple’s biggest weakness: The iphone 5s its almost the same as the first
    iphone. In 7 years there were only minor improvements. When the first
    iPhone came out in 2007, there was a huge difference from other phones.
    Enough of this ”lots of squares/apps design. Its just stupid! If you have
    200 apps you have to search them…. this is not the apple I knew. Ps:
    following apple for 10 years, and a mac/ipad/iphone user. 

  6. Too bad everyone keeps interrupting Cuban, he’s the only person on the
    panel who knows what he’s talking about… Everyone feels the need to make
    a mockery of his sarcasm, but he’s merely doing it to prove a point.
    Shiiiit the question was directed to him and you have the lady two seats to
    his left shaking her head at him, what a blasphemy lol…..

  7. he is wrong on this!
    all apple has got to do is be and offer slightly better than the rest and
    keep milking the moment before introducing the new and they have a lot of
    new in store!

  8. look at the dumb ugly wh0re feminist on the right acting like she has a
    problem with what Cubans saying

  9. Apple’s biggest weakness is that sticking the letter i infront of something
    doesn’t justify the fucking thing locking up 4 times a day and forcing
    people to get it repaired 3 times. People queue up to buy these things out
    of boredom, very little else.

  10. Surprisingly, for such a successful guy, he doesn’t seem to know what the
    hell he’s talking about. And he further insults all of the women in the
    audience along the way.

  11. No. explain how the iphone would have been successful without good
    software, please , I want to hear this….

  12. Their biggest weakness is OVERCHARGING AND RIPPING PEOPLE OFF, lol! I mean,
    $400 for a fucking smartphone? Hell no, esp. when EQUIVALENT MODELS FROM

  13. Apples products marketed them self’s because they were perfect for their
    time. Lord Alan Sugar said that ipod’s would never be a success and how
    wrong he was because he did not understand that this is what people wanted.
    People wanted an ipod because it could store thousands of songs and not
    require a bag full of cd’s. I had see other MP3 players but they were
    terrible and to be honest unusable by most people. Marketing is important
    but over stated in apple success.

  14. Apples success was more than just marketing. The technology already existed
    to build these devices but no body actually figured out how to put it all
    together to produce the product. And when apple released the iphone and
    ipod they were amazing products that worked perfectly (for there time). I
    was in a room full of people and when one person walked in with the ipod
    were all full of questions and after 5 minutes we all wanted one nothing to
    do with market. it is like seeing the first wheel

  15. Clearly this is all just about you thinking you’re a genius because you
    (like millions of others) have some coding skills. Big fucking deal! High
    schoolers can write software – it’s not rocket science, fella. And if you
    think Apple’s success was all just about good software, and that marketing
    had nothing to do with it then you are clearly not very bright. No wonder
    writing software is so difficult for you.

  16. These ppl who lined up for nights for early new iphones and think they are
    the shit to get them first are purely no life pathetic

  17. And now they got the iPad “mini” (or, as I like to call it, the iPhone 4s
    1.5), which is OBVIOUSLY just there to EXTRACT EVEN MORE CASH out of
    suckers. I mean, WHO was CLAMORING for something like an iPad Mini?? Who
    actually told Apple, “the iPhone is too small, but iPad is too big”??

  18. Cuban’s a savvy businessman nonetheless. Apple used to be about innovation
    when Steve Jobs was there. Now they are all about marketing. Look at their
    promotional efforts with 5s and 5c. They are focusing on fingerprint
    scanner. Pretty much a useless feature on a mobile phone if you ask me. And
    the rest of the specs are pretty much the same as the previous iPhone5.
    Cuban’s a shrewd man. He knows what he’s talking about

  19. Nah. Cuban isn’t even in that space, it’s not his area of expertise. And
    those comments were made just after the release of the 5, which was (yet
    another) successful product launch. To say Apple’s success is merely due to
    marketing or “chicks like guys with iPhones” or whatever nonsense he was
    spewing is absurd. Apple is at $400 a share. 99.9% of humanity would line
    up for that kind of “criticism and heat.”

  20. This guy is up himself. First he has to go back many years to talk about
    The Lisa etc. Then he forgets about Apple’s tendency to shed the past to go
    forward. Just look at how they shed their old operating system to go
    forward with their later versions of OSX. Despite what he says about the
    iPhone many people are still buying it. Apple may have it’s weaknesses but
    this wanker is off the mark.

  21. So his point is that someone one day may create a paradigm shift before
    apple? That’s not unique to apple. That applies to any company in a
    competitive market. Just a lame answer if you ask me.

  22. There is some truth to what he is saying..branding is big in
    merchandizing..and keeping up with the Jones’ is a seductive source for
    just some people…His over simplification though misses the mark…Apple
    was able to revise and remake the paradigm by thinking outside the box and
    repackaging products and selling them to the innovations in the
    institutional mainstream…their greatest weakness is if they become the
    institutional mainstream and forget their innovative rebel roots.

  23. whoo689..DB.go get your lap top and or phone at the salvation army.wtf
    buys a infected dell anymore ? you stupid ass.your comparing ferrari with
    toyota DF

  24. This isn’t Apples weakness. Apples weakness is that it tries to control
    it’s own product too aggressively. That’s what killed it in the PC war, and
    it’s why Android has more market share now. Want an example? Who thinks
    Apple switching to it’s own maps service was a good idea for the customer?

  25. So you are (or are pretending to be) part of the team that program for the
    iphone? No wonder you’re so shitty. I gave you a reality check and now
    you’re crying because you’ve realised it’s not all about you after all.
    You’re not the special little snowflake you think you are, you’re just
    another Mac monkey. Checkmate.

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