Entrepreneurs meet with policymakers to talk entrepreneurship

I think it's easy to feel out of placewhen you come to Capitol Hill, but just keeping in mind that these are elected officials.

They were elected by the people to serve the people and that they are here to serve everyone, including our audience of entrepreneurs.

I'm Lindsey Cox with Launch Tennessee.

My name is Means Cameron.

I am with Black Owned Outerwear and Black Coffee Lounge, Cincinnati.

It would be really good tosee that they're talking more about entrepreneurship in Washington that isimportant, and that it's not just about big business, but there's opportunity forguys like myself to get ahead in America.

William Thomas, co-founder of MORTAR,Cincinnati.

We have such a big opportunity now to bring the voices of the peoplethat are making changes in their own community and are inspiring other entrepreneurs to take part, but their voice is left out.

We need to hear their voice, the politicians need to hear their voice, so hopefully down the road we canstart having policy change that actually impacts the entrepreneurs in Cincinnati and across the country.

We're actively seeking change andbringing issues to the attention of our policymakers and our lawmakers.

The important things, like access to capital, developing the talent pipeline, how we commercialize technology, and getting market access for our entrepreneurs, as well as creating an environment that is friendly and welcoming to them, both in D.


and back in our home states.

Small businesses keep America running, and I would like to see moreAfrican Americans at that table.

That's really important tome as an entrepreneur because on the block where I am there's just two black-owned businesses versus the other fifteen white-owned businesses that are on that block.

In Cincinnati, there is a lot of great work happening.

I want them to hear about the work,but also hear from people on the ground how they can bettersupport entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs of color, and hopefully start shifting the system in a way that greatly lifts up these entrepreneurs.

Well, talking to Steve Chabot, it was a great opportunity for us to share with him what we're doing, but more importantly, what we would like to do going forward.

And I think he gets it, that we're serious about the opportunities ahead,and that we would need his help.

At the federal level, entrepreneurship isn't getting a lot of airtime when the economy is discussed, and we think we could really have an impact on that.

It's important for ourpolicymakers to hear from the job creators.

We're here on the ground growing and creating the future.

My name is Stephanie Cummings, and I'm the co-founder of a company called Please Assist Me.

As the entrepreneur I create jobs.

When you invest in entrepreneurs,you invest in a community.

You hear a lot of politicianstalk about they want safer communities, they want better communities,they want life to be more fulfilling for Americans, and I thinkthat happens through entrepreneurship.

It's more than just bringing a dollarinto the community, it's about the opportunities that people can actually see,what you actually believe can happen in your lifespan.

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