Entrepreneurship vs. Job – How to Know Which Career is RIGHT FOR YOU

just because somebody says one or theother is right for you doesn't mean it's right for you know the pros you know thecons of both and most importantly make your own decision based on your ownself-awareness and what you think is right for you what's going on guys todayI want to talk about a little lesson and kind of a theme that I see across theboard that other entrepreneurs kind of promote and I understand why they do itand where it comes from because I did it myself and also something that isrelative for other aspiring entrepreneurs or people just working ina general nine-to-five so today we're gonna outline the pros and cons ofentrepreneurship versus a normal 9 to 5 job we're gonna outline the financialpros and cons of each one we're gonna outline you know the time invested intime benefits versus literally everything now I have an entire listright here just kind of you know briefly I just outlined a few of them I couldsit here and talk about this for hours but I'm just gonna go over the you knowmaybe four to five per to kind of outline each of them for you and thereason I wanted to kind of outline this was today was because I do see a lot ofother entrepreneurs kind of pushing this you know this mindset and it basicallycomes from you know the fact that hey we stumbled upon the right way to go andthat is indeed entrepreneurship and what they're saying basically is anybody thatdoesn't do entrepreneurship and anybody that has a nine-to-five job is wrongthey're clearly doing it you know they're they're approaching life andfinances and you know the way that they should live their lives wrong and I getwhere that comes from because obviously if you're an entrepreneur and youstumbled upon entrepreneurship and you love the freedom that that provides youlove working for yourself you love all those other things that we're gonna talkabout here in a second then entrepreneurship makes total senseto you that is your worldview and that is your vision of the way life should beand you feel like everybody should be that but I feel like the next step thenext cog in the Machine really is kind of understanding that it might not beright for everybody other people might be better with a nine-to-five job somepeople might be worse than a nine-to-five job that's definitely surebut other people that might you know not necessarily be good for entrepreneurshipshould it be push in that direction so that's what I want to talk about thistoday I do see this kind of you know in this Instagram II kind of you knowentrepreneurship very very cool and make no mistake I love it I lean for furtheron the entre shipside I do want to you know kind ofcaution you and really kind of you know preach that self-awareness that Gary Veetalks about so that you can better understand if entrepreneurship is theright way to go for you or if you're better off working a nine-to-five jobmaking money and you know going the safe route now that is not necessarily it'sit's all subjective you could argue that entrepreneurship is a safer as wellso it's really subjective we're gonna outline it all here for you in a secondnow before we touch on this before we get into it I want to talk to you aboutthat self-awareness so these are all just my opinions there are you know twosides to every story I'm gonna do my best job to play devil's advocate onboth sides but I really want you to you know comment down below let me know whatyou feel like the best pro and con is for both of these that way we can havean open discussion because as always it's not just my you know this isn'tjust my channel where I preach you know what my worldview I want to really havean open discussion I want to educate and really talk about these things because Iwant to turn this you know into an entrepreneurship discussion so first andforemost I'm gonna try to go through these really fast and just briefly wewant to talk about the positives of entrepreneurship and I'll just outlinethem green stands for entrepreneurship as you can see Red's gonna stand forjobs so if I put something in negative column and it's red it's obviously youknow negative for a nine-to-five job or working that route if I put somethinggreen in the negative side or in the positive side obviously that's apositive or a negative for Entrepreneurship now one of the peoplebefore we actually get into these specifically that talks aboutnine-to-five jobs or working for someone else that you know you can make a lot ofmoney doing either one of these and you it just depends on you know the path itreally depends on your end goal in the path that you choose to get there butyeah not Gary Vee Grant Cardone talks about this a lot soI highly recommend checking out some of his content where he does talk about youdon't have to be an entrepreneur you can work a nine-to-five job and still stacksome money away and invest it smartly it all depends on what's right for you sofirst and foremost a positive entrepreneurship so you have the taxbenefits of starting your own business now I'm not gonna talk about taxes totoo much I'm not a tax professional full disclaimer obviously but you do get alot of tax benefits you can write off a lot of different things you know I'dliterally just flew down to you know Florida to see my friend he's anaccountant so obviously I got to catch up with him while I worked on my taxesthat was a write-off the flight was right off everything while I was therepretty much – entertainment was a write-off so that's a tax benefit thecamera I'm talking to you right now it was right off I get to use this $700camera the tripod the lights everything this whiteboard all right off so it allcame off my taxes that I would have paid to the government anyway so you couldargue that they're free certain you know so to speak and in a weird way but I'mjust gonna write taxes actually we're not going to do the bubble letters toget a little carried away with the bubble letters so we're just gonna writetaxes as a pro for entrepreneurship now the next one is the freedomthroughout the day that you know you basically have as an entrepreneur nowthis could be argued so I'm gonna write really fast the freedom because that isa benefit I woke up this morning just like most mornings and I came to get aworkout in and I just finished my work up out and it's probably like 11:30 inthe afternoon right now we're in the morning right so that's freedom that itprovides now I can workout whenever I want to work out I can answer emails ifI want to right now I can record a video during whatever part in the day that Iwant if I get overworked and I'm working for like five hours I can take a breakand do whatever I want that's a great benefit of entrepreneurship righthowever that could also be argued as a negative so we'll say freedom over hereas a negative up entrepreneurship right because you have that freedom so there'sno structure so you know it is a 24/7 job it is you know you have the freedombut you know I don't whereas my girlfriend works in nine to five jobsshe gets home at like 6 7 o'clock after the gym and after work she gets theunwind and doesn't really have to worry about work and so she goes into the intothe office in the morning at 9:00 right I'm not I'm still constantly worrying ifI get an email that you know someone couldn't access one of my courses or youknow someone has a really really important question or you know someonegot suspended from Amazon or something like that I'm gonna hop on my email mostof the time if I don't have anything backed up or anything pressing going onand I'm gonna answer that question in that query for that person so it is a24/7 job so I basically say 24/7 over here as well that is a negative ofentrepreneurship so it's benefit in a positive it really just depends on whatyou like if you'd like to work in you know three hours PERTs potentially youlike take a break you know if you are that's a negative of a job as well isyou know that it's you do work a nine-to-five right so if you are in anoffice well then you can't really take a break if you get overworked or you'renot feeling the best you have to show up 9:00 to 5:00 basically or 9 to 5:30 orsome people show up 8:2 for whatever doesn't really matteryou get to you have to show up and you have to prove you you know you have tobasically be there whether you feel like it or not so that's a negative of thatso just to recap really fast on that freedom you do have to you know reallybe self aware and you really have to be on the ball and producing constantly asan entrepreneur nobody's there telling you when you have to work no one's theretelling you have to show up 9:00 to 5:00 no one's there telling you when thedeadline is when you have to produce something by all that falls on you soyes that is a positive but also that's a negative because guess what if you don'tproduce if you're not constantly working and you're not the type of person tolight a fire under your own ass so to speak well you're not gonna be inbusiness for very long so the next positive entrepreneurship isthat you get paid based on what you produce and not the time invested so youcould argue that that's a positive so we're gonna put that up here so you getpaid on what you produce so we'll just write production but that's also anegative right and I'm going to tell you why so we're gonna put production overhere as a negative as well that the reason that that's a negative and apositive is yeah you get per duped based on production so if you have a goodbusiness if you're a constant go-getter if you're out there producing 24/7 wellyou have the ability to earn a lot more with entrepreneurship then youpotentially do in most cases with a nine-to-five right so you have theproduction if you can't you're the type of person that's gonna go out there andgo get stuff right however same thing with a negative rightyou get paid paste on production so guess what you don't just get a salaryfor your time being spent in the office now obviously it's relative guys this isall relative so you do have to produce with a nine-to-five job clearly but youbasically only get paid based on what you produce with entrepreneurship so ifyou don't produce anything you don't get paid it's really that simpleso to recap obviously there's a lot more upside but there's a lot more downsiderisk as well so the next positive of entrepreneurship I put up here you getto the law you get to do what you love every single day right that's reallyreally simple we all get to basically you know wake up and live our dreams ifyou're an entrepreneur most of the time you don't get caught up in other stuffyou get the wake up and do what you love you also everything that you're buildingis yourself so I'm gonna put yourself so weird why but we're gonna scroll thatyourself slash your own business right abbreviate that you get the wake upevery single day and work on your own business you get to dowhat you love and build your own business you are not building someoneelse's business so we'll say someone else's biz and will abbreviate that aswell so that's a negative obviously of a nine-to-five job now on to the positivesof a nine-to-five job right so obviously a positive is that you get a consistentpay every week money every week now if you're good with money that's a goodthing and if you're bad with money then obviously that's gonna be a negative aswell but I think that this is a good thing for most people not everybody notyou know certainly the vast majority of other people that might be good forentrepreneurship but it is a good thing for most people the reason being is youknow exactly what's coming into your account every month so that means thatyou can budget better you can save better you can invest better if I knowevery single week that I'm getting two grand or every single every bi-weeklyI'm getting like three or four grand or whatever it is that you get paid doesn'treally matter it's all relative well then I know that I can spend you know Xamount on groceries allocate X to rent and maybe only save $400 and invest $500or whatever that the case is right you know exactly what's coming inconsistently every week whereas with an entrepreneurship you don't have that soit's inconsistent so we'll say this should not be read to erase that realfast so with entrepreneurship it's inconsistent money inconsistent moneyright because I don't know exactly what I'm gonna make every single week there'snot some magic number I can't literally go out there and say hey I make 10 grandevery single month doing this now sometimes it does fluctuate a lotsometimes it's a lot closer to certain numbers than it is to other numbers butto give you an example with udemy right so udemy there are months where I earnlike 7 grand a month with you to me with all my courses right but there are alsomonths we're out here in 1500 it vary it fluctuates now that's a rare and a bigfluctuation usually it's a little closer to one number than the other howeverthat being said it is very inconsistent so if I got paid let's say 1500 from youto me one month and seven grand the next well I might be where I might beanticipating a 7 grand payout and I'm not going to make 7 grand that nextnecessarily so it's inconsistent money that's a major drawback ofentrepreneurship whereas with you know you know working a nine-to-five you getconsistent money every single week every two weeks or every month and you canallocate that to save invest or whatever better now you know positive is what jobwill say sometimes you can be flexible so we'll say flexibility right hereability I'm all over the place with a question mark now most people don't haveflexibility in the nine-to-five job however some people do some companiesare better with it than others I know my girlfriend for example works 9:00 to5:00 but she can work from home on Mondays and Fridays and she does everysingle Monday and Friday so she only has to be in the office Tuesday Wednesdayand Thursday also she has very much flexibility she can work from homewhenever she wants basically within reason so if for whatever reason shedoesn't feel like going into the office on the Wednesday well guess what she'sgonna call in she's gonna say hey I'm gonna work from home and they're totallycool with that as long as she gets her stuff on so you have a little bit offlexibility don't get you know don't get it wrong essentially you you have a lotmore flexibility with entrepreneurship but you can't have flexibility incertain careers with certain bit with certain companies and in certain fieldsso just understand that so one of the things that's a positive and a negativeis you get paid based on time right you don't get paid based on what you producewith a nine-to-five job you get paid based on time and that's a positive anda negative right why is it a negative well we all know you don't want to tradeyour time for money if you plan on building long-term wealth right that'syou know something that we all talk about if you watch this channel you knowI'm sure you're familiar with entrepreneurship and you've heard thatbefore right so you want to kind of go away from trading your time for moneythat said you do you could look at it if you're not you know somebody that'strying to become you know a millionaire or somebody that's trying to become wellyou can become a millionaire either way but you that's trying to amass a largefortune or build a lot of wealth right well then you can look at this as apositive in a lot of ways if that potentially is you because guess whatyou only have to work 40 hours a week some people work thirty some people workfifty you know some people work 70 whatever but you you know essentiallywhat time you're putting in so all your weekends all you you know anything after5:00 most of the time in most situations you know you do have to you have theability in the freedom to kind of spend that however you wantwith entrepreneurship like I said guess what it's 24/7 in most businesses inmost cases unless you outsource you hire a team or you kind of talk and buildthis flywheel aspect like we'll talk about the next video which is very veryimportant now another positive and negative for anine-to-five job is guess what you have your taxes coming out free we're gonnasay taxes pre right that's a positive but that's also a negative and I hopethat you can see this I'm not exactly sure where the cameras pointing becausethey haven't filmed in this location in a while with this whiteboardbut that says taxes not taxes plus taxes pre and so that's a positive and anegative right because hey you don't have to worry about you know payingtaxes I literally just paid my taxes onlineI just saved my money ahead of time knowing full well that if I'm gonna payit monthly if I'm gonna pay quarterly or at the end of the year well guess what Ihave to save my taxes as an entrepreneur I don't get every every dollar that Ibring in I don't make that I have to worry about taxes after the fact wellyou don't have to worry about taxes when you're when you're working anine-to-five job because they come out ahead of time in your paycheck so youknow hey your paycheck says two grand you made two grand right if you're notmore and you get paid two grand no you don't you don't make that two grandbecause guess what you got to save a portion for taxes so that is definitelya positive in a lot of ways however however that could be a negative thereason being that that could be a negative is hey you could argue that ifyou're gonna get two grand initially as an entrepreneur whereas maybe you'd get1500 because your taxes are taking it out ahead of time already as anine-to-five job you could argue that you could invest that other 500 and makemore money there's a lot of different benefits to it you know not having yourtaxes taken out pre but it's just one of those things so you can basically takeall that money in taxes like I you put it into an investment that's gonna earnyou about eight to twelve percent every year roughly depending on the year anddepending on the investment or even just the high-yield checking or high-yieldsavings account that's gonna pay you more than you know if you just gave itto the government right away so that's a benefit and a negative you get yourtaxes taken out before you get your paycheck now another huge positive andthis is a massive one that everybody that works a nine-to-five job should betaking advantage of is you have a 401k with employer match now I have a RothIRA because I don't have employer map but if my employer was matching and Ihad a 401k guess what I would match as much I would put the max contribution inthat they are going to max free money and think of it as a great long-termsavings account for when you're you retire and I always love the stay brokeaspect so we're not gonna get too too much into that I talked that about thata lot on this channel but it guys if we're one case massive massive massivebenefit of working a nine-to-five job and if your employer matches a certainpercentage of whatever it is you should be maxing that contribution so that theymatch it so another positive of a job would be weekendsyou have your weekends you have your nights so we'll say weekends and we'lljust make that an end for nights um so you have your weekends in your nightsbut that is also a negative right so that's also a negative and you couldargue weekends and n so weekends and your nights now that's also a negativebecause yes you get to spend your weekends and your nights you want toworry about it but hey if you're an entrepreneur and you love what you dowhich you know I certainly love what I do I wake up excited every single daywhich I'm sure if you're an entrepreneur most of you do well then guess what Ienjoy actually I actually enjoy doing what I do and actually enjoy doing stuffon a daily basis every single day so on the weekends often I want to work so youknow if you can't work you could argue that that's a negative and it depends onwho you are this is why I'm outlining this so you know better which one fitsyou the best now one of the positives of a job aswell just like a 401k is that you're very relatableso we'll put relatable up here you're relatable to most people right becausemost people don't understand the ups and the downs you know the positives and thedrawbacks of being an entrepreneur you're not at that relatable whereas themajority of people work a nine-to-five they can understand you know they wantto you know the plight of somebody that works a nine-to-five job is very youknow relatable to somebody else because the majority of people work thatnine-to-five job as well so they understand you know companies theyunderstand corporate culture stuff like that whereas most of my friends thatwork 9:00 to 5:00 probably don't understand what I go through on aday-to-day basis with entrepreneurship and if you're anything similar I'm sureyou understand exactly what I'm talking aboutright so with with all due respect I love love love what I do but sometimesit can be kind of lonely because a lot of people don't understand it and youhave nobody to talk to about it I'm you're building another network ofaspiring entrepreneurs like yourself so it's always important to build a networkand you know network with other people like you but if you have a lot offriends that work nine to five jobs they're not gonna understand what you'regoing through on a day-to-day basis so you could definitely argue that that's apositive of a 95 job so some negatives of entrepreneurship now really brieflyis you have to learn literally everything right you have to learneverything you have to master everything so what do I mean by that well in acorporate culture in like 95 jobs you have a specialist usually right you haveassets you have customer service or a sales rep you have somebody going outthere and hitting the phones every day for sales you have somebody doing youknow your your you have somebody doing your software engineering you havesomebody all these specialized things in a company right well as an entrepreneuryou've got to learn literally everything you've got to learn how to pay yourtaxes you gotta learn how to do sales you haveto learn how to market properly you have to learn how to do social properly ifthey do learn to do all these little aspects of your business if you'recreating content guess what you got to learn video editing guess what you gotto learn how to use a camera guess what you got to learn how to put lightingeven though this lighting isn't the best you gotta learn how to how to do allthose little things you have to learn literally everything as an entrepreneurso most of the time that is a negative and something you should understand nowlike I said there are so many different positives and negatives but I just wantto keep it brief as brief as possible so we're not gonna stay here for an hour ortwo hours just kind of outlining this I'm gonna outline it throw a couple ofthe negatives of a job up because there are certainly negatives to that as wellso like we said before you're forced to work 9:00 to 5:00 you have to come inthere's no you know hey I'm gonna take an hour off here because I'm not feelingup to it and I'll come back and print be more you know I'll produce more laterbecause you know I just think a little break no there's none of that you got towork 9:00 to 5:00 with you know obviously your your lunch in the middleso that's definitely a negative now unlike you know right over here where isit we said you were working for yourself in your business well over here with anine-to-five job guess what you're working for we'regonna put the man and underline it even though you know nobody works for the manI hate that term necessarily but just abbreviate you're basically working tobuild somebody else's business you're working to build to basically makesomebody else wealthy and you're using your time they're basically leveragingyour time and you're working to make someone else rich so just understandthat as well now over here we're going to put taxesas well because generally speaking not in allbut most of the time and I'm not a tax professional you do pay more in taxeswhen you're an employee it's just that simple and finally to outline the lasttwo is you know most people most people some people love their job and you cancertainly go out there and chase the career that you enjoy you know a goodexample that might be like teaching or you know you know literally litterthere's so many other good examples so this isn't for everybodybut most people I know don't like their job and if they weren't getting paid forit and they didn't necessarily need the money obviously then they wouldn't worktheir jobs so that's a negative of you know the number one negative of anine-to-five job I can wake up and basically do whatever the fuck I wantwhenever I want most people have to wake up and go youknow pitch clients or go do this or they'll go do that and they don'tnecessarily love it and finally the most important and my number one of why notpop job is you know not right for me necessarily is rush hour I hate trafficI can't stand it I literally yesterday I outlined a video that basically draw themetaphor of traffic and why you know it's the strapping for a lot of peoplethat want to produce more so go check that video out I'll make sure to drop itin the description and I'll also drop a card to it up above if you haven'tchecked it out already it's a great great video especially if you're anentrepreneur but you know just if you're an employee as well it works both waysbut you know I hate rush hour it's it's a waste your time I literally purposelywake up early to avoid rush hour that way when I'm driving back I can alsoavoid rush hour I don't have to drive you're in rush hour and if I had to do a95 job and literally drive home or drive to work every day during rush hour rushhour I don't know wash hour is during rushhour it would be demoralizing for me so now I hope you really like this guy's Ireally kind of wanted this to be like a casual relaxed kind of outline I wantedto outline some of the things that I think are positives and negatives ofboth entrepreneurship and a job because just because just becauseentrepreneurship is what you think is is cool or what you know other people aretelling you is right for you or hey maybe your parents are telling youshould go get a nine-to-five job you should go to college just becausesomebody says one or the other is right for you doesn't mean it's right for youknow the pros and the cons of both and most importantly make your own decisionbased on your own self-awareness and what you think is right for you.

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