Every University’s Worst Nightmare

Every University’s Worst Nightmare – 7 Reasons University’s need to be careful with Apple and Google by Patrick Bet-David.

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48 Comments on “Every University’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Very good ideas indeed. I taught myself business through trial and error but finally succeeded.I hear my friends always remind me," Harvard business school taught me how to think "!.

  2. Having completed a computer science degree and worked in the industry for a couple of years I can speak only with regards to my own experience.

    Sure, you can go to bootcamp and learn how to code a web app in nodejs or how to create a front end using a framework like react but the difference is that someone who spends 3-4 years learning the core fundamentals of computer science is in an entirely different league as far as breadth, depth and adaptability go. Technical implementation changes rapidly, the core fundamentals are remarkably consistent – and have been so for decades.

    Could you theoretically obtain an equivalent level of knowledge online and on the job? Yes, and if you're that smart and disciplined hats off to you. How many people are actually going to sit down and slog through topics like computability, finite mathematics or combinatorics all on their own?

    I for one do not think that most people who could be perfectly competent engineers given the proper guidance and framework are up for that.

  3. What about degrees that you need in order to be able to practice such as becoming a registered psychologist? Agree that the availability of information is making it so much easier and flexible to obtain knowledge

  4. A college degree in 2020 means you’re able to put up with 4 years of nonsense without quitting, so employers can hire you knowing that you stick with something until the end. That’s valuable knowledge

  5. 6:03 dude I respect the hell out of you and support most of your opinions but what the hell are you talking about? That kind of logic gives the companies LITERALLY all the power. People would no longer be able to be versatile, because they're only trained in those things that that company needed them for. What if they are fired in 5-6 years, wha5 the hell happens then? What if you're fired when your 43? It's already extremely difficult for a 40-50 year old person to find a new job , please explain to me how on Earth is a no degree older person supposed to find a new job? I hope you're just explaining the companies's logic and not actually promoting it because if your are to me that's very irresponsible, you got a big fan base here man. And also • universities and colleges don't just give you knowledge of things that happened in the past. I agree that a big portion of the stuff they teach is outdated , but they also give other things , they push you to make research find out stuff on your own, and not everybody has the discipline to do that without someone pushing them you know. If you actually think that Siri can give you the same as a uni/ college professor you are deeply mistaken man. Of course not trying to offend , just stating my opinion

  6. The same way you can't trust colleges to educate you , you can't trust companies to make you money. Yes it happens a lot , but please don't for a second believe that a company gives two shits if you make money or not .

  7. Valuetainment: "College degrees are done!"

    The Red Pill Community: "Dude, where have you been?"

    But no seriously dude, you're so far behind the 8-ball on this one it makes me feel like a prophet for knowing this years ago.

  8. Now, Steve Jobs was a college drop out. But didn't the funds of Google attend Michigan and Stanford?

    It's easy to say that you just need the internet, but who puts the information (by that, I mean the accurate information and not what my brother heard from a guy in a bar) on the internet? People with college degrees. And what do you do when the power is out, your phone is dead, or your ISP is doing maintenance and has brought down your cable and internet?

    Better rely on your memory and your education.

  9. I workes for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in 2015 and they have their own BGCA University for moving up within the organization and this is a non profit organization not a tech company

  10. 2:45

    “hey siri what is 27,229 / 13”

    Siri divides 229 / 13

    “Can you do it as fast as Siri does it??”

    No but at least I’ll get it right…

    That aside, the man has a point and he’s 100% right, universities are history unless they give online training courses that are actually useful

  11. Stop even THINKING about sending your kids to College.

    Unless they are learning something very SPECIFIC (Law, Engineering, etc) College is not needed.

    Even if they want to go to school for these Vocations, public and private colleges are still a HUGE waste of money and time. Find a place that give specific education.

    Many of the top employers (Elon musk, for example) have publicly stated that they are not hiring degrees anymore. They are hiring for skills.

    Don't waste your money. Don't put your children into debt.








  12. We NEED "trade schools" we bought into the whole "YOU NEED A COLLEGE EDUCATION TO GET ANYWHERE" lie and did away with trade schools. We were told blue collar was bad, but that's what strengthens the country/ middle class.

  13. I would love it if you would be willing to sync your videos to LBRY as a backup platform. LBRY allows you to automatically sync with YouTube and then your videos get uploaded there.

  14. Scary for universities but I’m listening closely as I’ll be implementing such a learning program in my company in the coming years. It doesn’t make sense to be hiring people with outdated degrees and worse still, skills that rarely match your unique technology. I think it’s a good thing. I spent 10 years at university and I could hire high school kids and get the desired outcome in 1 year. It was that or offer high school leavers a scholarship but then I realised they won’t learn the skills I need from them anyway.

  15. Learning to gain knowledge is never bad, it's always a plus. University education will only provide theoritical knowledge provide the fundamentals, rest is with the learner; how much they need to know or must know, to be able to apply the skills learnt in the practice world.

    Some say, a degree helps you get a job. It's only partially true; a degree is asked in the resume for a particular role. What helps to get the job is how good one can prove himself and is fit for a role, over other candidates. But often companies look for candidates internally or hires through close referrals; and discrimination exists too unfortunately, not wanting to pay a female same salaries than men, for the same role or not hire due to religious differences.

    During my career as a hiring manager in the top global fortune 500 companies, my experience often lead me to believe, people who came from top universities and hell many certifications did not necessarily performed well over those who had only an apprenticeship.

    When it comes to Apprenticeship, European institutions are much ahead and extremely good, specially in countries like Switzerland and Germany. Practical knowledge one gains are rock solid, up to date and mmediately applicable. The University education is practically free in most European countries, while in many parts of the world, education business has become simply a money making machines.
    In North America for instance, the parents and students suffer from high cost for a degree. These days we see in America, many moves out when they join the college but moves back in to live with their parents, just because school education made them go broke.

    If you invest so much for getting a degree and already have debts (from student loans) before even you get your first job (if you find one), life becomes hard, both for students and the supporting parents. And one must always know if one clearly would see lights at the end of 4 years long educational tunnel or the ROI is not promising.
    As said, learning anything in life is always good, never a negative thing. It's not important what qualifications you earn but how you utilise what you have learnt from your college degree. To learn and not being cable to use it is like, nothing learned.

    If the leaders of the mighty and powerful nations would invest in securing free education for the future generation instead of spending in election campaigns, military and supporting evil wars, that is something we all can certainly hope for. If government funding is increased for free education, perhaps universities may not have to raise tuition fees every single year, which is the case today in the United States.

    On this video it is mentioned, teachers needs to go to school because their know-how is out dated, I cannot fully support this statement. Teachers do go for further education, education is a lifelong learning process. Many private schools for adult education actually has full time employees going to school while the teachers are working professional and experts in the field they teach. Education is a lifelong learning process, no one can deny. It is not true, everything they teach is outdated.

  16. true for tech.but cores such as medicine,chemistry,quantum mechanics,law,etc on and on,still need universities.as for the argument that those things can be taught online,um no not really.take a breath and relax patrick.you should do more interviews with former trump personnel.i want to know how scary it's going to be with him as president for another 4 years.

  17. Ironically he's making theoretical sense, but pragmatically universities collectively are spending $Billions in infrastructure for the future. These towers of thought must have some idea about their economic future.
    What will change is the crony capitalism and elitism of the scandalous charges for college. Basically done to profit immensely while segregating society. Cost must and will drop.

  18. Not saying im doing that good or anything..but currently i have a construction company that on good weeks can make over 10,000 a week,tough work but no formal education at all just highs school.im 24 years old looking to retire by 35

  19. I dropped out of highschool at 16.. I’m in college and I hate it .. I don’t learn shit, it’s just like highschool so on the side I study web development through an online tech school and I’m still guaranteed 80k upon receiving my certification.. my business degree… well, I’m not guaranteed SHIT

  20. It's been years since I've understood the reason for a college degree. Every person in the entire world holds thousands times more information on their phone than some burn out professor! Why would someone dish out a hundred grand to listen to a burn out boomer? My phone can teach me anything!

  21. Good luck with solving Fermat's last theorem using google or having someone operate on you without a formal education in medicine. Or designing a bridge without college classes in statics, dynamics, strength of material, computer simulation, etc. You have to be super smart to do any of this without a formal college education, most of us couldn't. And then your problem solving procedures and methodology won't be on the same wavelength and may not be accepted.

  22. We'd be playing a dangerous game to allow the employer to also be the educator. The companies without a doubt have their agendas, but We the People, for whom the corporate agenda is about, must have an agenda as well. Can you imagine how little Google, Apple, IBM would pay employees if the only way to get a job there was to attend their corporate universities? Imagine each company is a house on block. A college degree gives you access to enter each front door on the block. However, training from Google University only allows you to enter 1 door, Google's, for a limited amount of time which Google will obviously have complete control over. So no growth, no expansion, overly specialized equals low wages… folks who attend those corporate universities are modern day scabs, wittingly or unwittingly.

  23. Basically, the age-old art of Apprenticeship is returning, only now it's no longer a master of a single trade teaching an apprentice, it's a company teaching hundreds of apprentices in a trade

  24. In uni I had to research in the library. Today everything is on the internet. Do classes even use books today. Can probably download most books. If not you can probably buy a used book online cheaper than campus bookstores.

  25. I agree with some points about the crustiness of the college system. However, other than for silicon valley and other sector you have to fight with your boss if you ever want to get pennies to study. Even at it, most companies will only pay for a course that about what you are currently doing. If you want to study something slightly divergent you are on your own. When you go down the food chain for walmarts and Dunkin Donuts I do not think they are throwing cash at their employees so they can be trained. If they are too trained you will lose them fast.

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