FAILURE – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation for Success, Students & Entrepreneurs

Don’t bury your failures, let them inspire you! When we are kids we don’t stop at failure. What happened? This is what the 1% do differently. One of the most inspiring Motivational Videos Ever!
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Will Hollis:

Will Smith:


Marko Halilovic:


Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba)

Elliot Hulse:…

Eric Thomas……

Les Brown:

Eddie Pinero:



►Failure – Fearless Motivation
(Video by Motiversity)

►Fail Forward – Will Smith
(Video by Motiversity)

►Keep Failing and You Will Succeed – Motiversity

►Risk vs Regret – Marko Halilovic & Motiversity –

►FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – Motivational Video on Never Giving Up –

►Failing Forward – Eddie Pinero


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►Failure – Sounds of Power – Fearless
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►Risk vs Regret – Marko Halilovic & Motiversity

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28 Comments on “FAILURE – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation for Success, Students & Entrepreneurs”


    99.9% of the parent are destroying
    their children dream that is why we give up if we have to follow others then why we have the ability to think why we have the ability to dream because we will be the one who we wanted to be just don't give up and FIGHT BACK

  2. These videos help me to overcome being anxious and rise above negative feedback about myself. So I apply the pressure on life!?

  3. Hey guys. I hear a lot of these guys say “read read… readers are leaders”. I wanna read but what do I read? Where do I start?

  4. Im a remember this day and inshallah I will reflect back and say I made the biggest decision in my life at this moment

  5. I listened to this while I was working out. Just makes me realize a lot and makes me wanna dedicate myself to fitness and lots of other things

  6. I’m 13 years old I was on the best team I could be on last year, but once I was up there I thought I was the best. I didn’t train everyday like I used to them in may of 2018, I got cut from the first team. It’s August 31st and I’m still trying to get back to where I was a year before. A week ago today I started going on 4 mile runs doing 200 sit ups a day, 200 push ups, and 200 pull ups. I’m on the come up and I’m not going to let myself fall again.

  7. I’m trying to think of a invention that will sell and I’m only 12 a product that will make me succsseaful help me to make my dreams and I h s tried to invent and have failed and failed every single one, people keep saying you are never gonna be rich, “stop trying” but you know what you made me realise is that, when I fail I’m realy succeeding another step to me bieng rich

  8. I applied for the same summer job three years in a row. I didn't get it the first time. And I didn't get it the second time. But I didn't give up. I learned from mistakes. I sent my application in earlier. I worked on my interview skills. I got out of my comfort zone and forced myself to grow. And the third time, I got it.

  9. Working hard for a world games gold medal have a national gold medal now all I need is the world games medal I live and breath at been a special olymion athlete

  10. Im that kid who everyone thinks is a skinny wimp, a twig, noodle arms, and all kinds of things. I'm going to work on myself gain weight. I currently weigh 82 pounds going into 8th grade, last year I was 73 pounds and that's a big improvement. This video has encouraged me to go out there and try, not care about what others think of me, I'm going to prove them wrong.

  11. Had a great laugh with this video. Nice combination of clichés and emotional-relief drugs specially designed to numb the agitated minds of the uninspired. "If Steve Jobs didn't take risks, we wouldn't have Iphone" LMAO

  12. My biggest dream is to become a soccer player the greatest of all time. And I want to do that to prove my family and my school wrong. My family especially my parents say I can't my mom calls me a failure but I stand up and say I can, I get buillied in school and I'm only 14 but I don't care. The only thing that harms me with achieving my dream are my parents with the words they say to me. But it makes me stronger and more mad and hungry to become better.

  13. I failed 2 years in hight school now. I was so close to give up. If i fail the next year they will kick me out and i will no longer study at an hight school. This video woke me up and then i told my self who AM i really and i will not give up in anythings i will keep on trying. It’s humiliating when ur whole family knows that you failed 2 years of hight school and still at the same level. But today i will stand up and face the challenges that is on my way to my dream. Thanks for the motivation. ??

  14. I been one year and half through networking no experience and skills anything about business and I just make a tough decision to top in, and be involve on this kind of dream of believing it that it will happen just keep grinding! And I make tons of failure and I didn’t give up until now. I’m not success yet but I keep believing for what I believe, because I pray to God to choice to have a better living and aim high, even its very difficult to reach on. For what I’ve thought now and since I’ve started to be part of it, one thing I’ve learn is! Just never give up. God bless me one day. Thank you for this motivation! To remind me and to wake me up to keep moving! God bless us all.

  15. This video has just popped up on recommended and I fail in everything video games like fortnite not getting a win and being it the bottom set in everything maths English so I am going to carry on and not give up I will carry on even if it takes a year i am going to do it i am going to carry on it all hard but not going to let that beat me so I am going to try and try o am going to be that 1% to carry on the i am going to carry on not let it get to me this video inspired me to carry on thank you

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