Fake News & Future of Journalism

Fake News & Future of Journalism. In this interview Patrick Bet-David discusses journalism with former special forces sniper Jack Murphy. Subscribe to Valuetainment:

Books mentioned:

1. Murphy’s Law :

2. Contagious :

3. All the Shah’s men :

About Jack Murphy:

Jack served as a Sniper and Team Leader in 3rd Ranger Battalion and as a Senior Weapons Sergeant on a Military Free Fall team in 5th Special Forces Group.

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35 Comments on “Fake News & Future of Journalism”

  1. The Iranian people are pretty chill, laid back, and freedom-loving people. Surely the most liberated people in the Middle East. Their government is just the exact opposite of its people. Revolution in Iran needs to be done by Iranian people, and not by a foreign invader. It needs to be accomplished by their own hands, by their own people.

  2. Pat doesn't like the media giving us their feeling in the matters at hand.Give us the facts and let us decide how to feel.I think me and my ole buddy Patrick would agree on a lot.

  3. Greetings from Persia
    was listening to this while i play Bl2
    i enjoyeded this alot!
    keep the truth thrown in our face!

    راه در جهان یکی است, و آن راستی است

  4. Spending trillions of tax payer dollars on an unnecessary war in a dessert is not serving your country, it’s serving the oligarchy.

  5. Good video and have been listening to Jack for quite some time..Sofrep for years. Great points being brought up on journalism and trust. My opinion, is that you needed to apply this same logic to the video you did on Venezuela.

  6. Patrick, you should start that media company. You have the cash or the connection to get investors, you have the right philosophy, bring the right people on board. Scale it up.

  7. I stopped watching when you guys began to talk about 9/11 as if it was a terrorist attack. You people need to wake the fuck up! you have been deceived, tricked into this fake bullshit "war of terror". The same type of cabal who were behind the sinking of Lusitania, Gulf of Tonkin incident, JFK assassination etc…did the 9/11 to drag the US into never ending wars and you people haven't learned shit about your short history.

  8. So the Saudis aren't behind 9/11 after all and actually they were tracking the terrorists with the Americans to stop them yet we were convinced that it was them by the media

  9. Thank You. I believe they should set a section of congress aside to keep this mega communication companies in check. To make sure they don't violate their user's first amendment.

  10. YOU NEED TO STUDY Edward Bernays and his Mass Manipulation program, invention of Propaganda also known as the Public Relation and his accomplishments

  11. Pat Your videos are simply Amazing. I learn something new every time I watch a new video. But I suggest you ask Questions and let your guest SPEAK as much as you can ?. Jack seems to be a gentle person

  12. Another 9/11 could certainly happen via other means and segments of our societal system. We are too big, having too many vulnerabilities, and not set up like Israel.

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