Feeling Is The Secret By Neville Goddard

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31 Comments on “Feeling Is The Secret By Neville Goddard”

  1. thank you brother. your channel has me obssessed with this shit.whereas b4 i knew i had to consume it, you have been the catalyst that has seen me take the positive steps to actually do it

  2. So this made me wonder: since image is meaning and the image of what you desire would be what gives your experience meaning, is that the real reason why those without their truest desires are the ones that are unhappy? That is to say, image = meaning = (meaningful) experience, so the absence of the image (meaning, the ideal) is the absence of meaning in one's life.

  3. Towards the end, at about 26:30, it reminded me of how it actually says in the bible to "pray without ceasing."

    " Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
    It's not only telling you how to live, but it's also telling you what you really want. You want to be rejoicing, you want to be thankful in all circumstances… That's what the real you wants.

  4. I have applied Goddard's teachings along with the law of attraction using ALL of the techniques including maintaining a positive mindset. I have even let go….still haven't manifested anything. I question if everyone is you pushed out and that no one has freewill.

  5. OMG the clouds of my years, and years of confusion just parted to 17:29 to allow in some light to comprehension, and understanding. Thank you so much for this audio presentation!!!

  6. I cant help but feel there is something lacking in all this teaching. we hear again and again you must Feel. yes we heard that. the study must therefore proceed to How do you Feel. How do you control your emotions. a deeper study of this would be the obvious next step. Not leaving us here going well i tried that I just mustnt be able to do it. What are you doing exactly when you imagine you goals. How do you Feel. Did you just Feel good when you thought of them. Did you imagine small goals which you believed you could achieve and Feel Good becuase your sub conscious knew it could happen. Or did you Image the end result. The $50 000 already in your possesion and felt good even though it was far in the future. Its not just you i feel nevel cotard kept repeating things but never getting any deeper into how you actually achieve the feeling.

  7. Your voice is so calming and certain. Thankful to have found your channel!

    You become what you think about❤ Control of the subconscious is paying attention to your thoughts and ideas. Pay attention to the information you're consuming: Is it empowering or dis-empowering me?
    It is vision that we have, that brings us happiness.
    The secret is feeling as if what we want has already been achieved. How great would you feel? Feel that reality.
    This creates the association in the brain. Mastery of self-control and feelings are our highest achievement.

    Going to listen to this video over and over. Thank you!

  8. I just went to take a picture of what you were talking about because you recommended it and I lost the connection it went to something else. And now I don’t know where to go I’m so upset. OK I’m going to chill it’s gonna come back to me because it supposed to I know it’s going to come back to me because it supposed to the universal will bring it to me

  9. How about there are two consciousnesses in this world. One that is connected to this world with empathy and one that is not and parasites on this world. I question everything and everyone. What benefit to you is there to do these videos? How do you earn a living? These may be dumb questions because I haven't achieved the elite level, but none the less important questions for the cautious observer of presented material.

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