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?So you LAUNCHED your business ?

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Now what?

Here are the “easy” steps that all the blogs will tell you:

✅ Put up a website
✅ Run some ads
✅ Talk to customers
✅ Retire in 3 years!

Ummm, news flash – IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE!

Here’s what they’re missing…2 out of 3 founders close up shop because they run out of resources. They fail to secure enough funding to launch properly and stay in business for more than a few years…


Truth is…most startup founders resort to the SAME flawed process of starting out that is almost always sure to fail.

And even worse…many founders get themselves in trouble very very quickly…

Here the top three reasons startups simply fail:

❌No Strategy: Submitting a half-baked business plan to hundreds of angel groups without a coherent forecast
❌No Process: Pursuing the WRONG investors, wrong markets, at the WRONG time, using the WRONG tactics (even illegally :O)
❌No Advice: Most entrepreneurs never learn why their future funders don’t give them a second look

The list goes on…

Hey everyone, I’m Chad Pavel, a CPA and startup CFO, and I am tired of seeing so many startup founders fail to raise capital and give up on their dreams.

And for the last 10 years I have seen HUNDREDS of business plans and pitch decks, and sadly…barely 1 out of 10 ever have a chance of getting funded…

Since I can only work with a handful of companies at a time one-on-one, I am offering 50 minutes of my time for FREE, where I will personally walk you through my startup roadmap to help you build a path to launching, growing, and even selling your business.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

✅ The best legal entity structure
✅ Top funding options
✅ Money-saving tax strategies
✅ Finding the right insurance
✅ Hiring employees
✅ Buying and selling companies
✅ and more…

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Since 2008 I have helped companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies in buying and selling entire businesses and raising capital from investors.

It may be surprising that the principles of successfully getting big investor checks are EXACTLY the same, whether you’re a big company like Amazon or a 2 person startup in a garage.

If you are interested in starting your own business OR if you already have a business and are looking to scale with more capital then this is for you…

Click the link below to register for this free offer before another month goes by and you are stuck back at square one.

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