From Oil to Real Estate

Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. In this episode he shares a message from The Breakers West Palm Beach on when is it really time to diversify your wealth. Subscribe for weekly updates

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26 Comments on “From Oil to Real Estate”

  1. Its funny cos i ve just red again the book about life of Johm d rockefeller and i got interested whho actually was the guy flagler 10 years older than John and who was actually guy who guides rockefeller suddenly after that i turned on this video and here we go.. i need to get some book about this guy. One love for all 😀

  2. "From Oil to Real Estate"

    From one scam to another scam.
    Exploiting people on global scale.
    That's how scam business works.
    There is more than enough resources for nobody to be homeless.
    But you "adults" keep playing the broken game, and here we are.

    Words you don't like = hate speech

    Words you like = free speech

    Welcome to AllGoodLandia!


    you have no voice,

    you have no choice,

    you have no escape,

    you have no respect.

    Where history gets deleted,

    and future censored.

    Where is the support when you need it?

    It doesn't exist. Because it is unnecessary as everything is already "fixed."

  3. In AUSTRALIA the state government is looking at
    TAXING the hell out of
    Property .
    My brother has a block of land
    Cost 20k . The yearly rates are
    $1200 . And now local state government wants to put another
    $ 2000 a year Taxs on top of that
    . I'm guessing it's time to buy a caravan or motorhomes

  4. Pat I'm 19 turning 20 in September
    I've been keeping up with you for a while since I was 16
    I've got around 3K saved up all together should I start a business now and risk it all I feel like I'm too young to ruin my whole financial life but also not enough experience either.

    Btw I was question 10 on PBD real talk. ?

  5. I know the area very well. I lived there in PB during the 90s at the PB condominium hotel and jogged every day on the lake trail which is where you pointed to the water. I operated my yacht charter business there first at 205 Worth Ave and then expanded to a 2,000 SF office at 375 S.County Rd. I was there when Trump got some investors to pay for Mar-a-logo with the stipulation that he create some income from it to pay the mortgage as he was in bad shape financially at the time. He also owned a yacht that was formally an arms dealer named Adnan Khashoggi who was the main man in the Iran Contras deal. The yacht was named Nabia after his daughter and Trump renamed it Trump princess and wanted to dock it on the lake at the back of Mar-a-logo which was built in the 1920s by Margie Meriweather Post who was married to EF Hutton. He was the number one go-to guy about money matters of his time. They used to say in commercials, "when EF Hutton speaks, people listen". I was in the PB Daily news about my business a few times and was asked in a meeting at the Breakers in the courtyard where people sit and talk to lend a voice to Trump's problems with the town to help get the yacht docked at the estate but they had no idea of any Maritime facts that would prohibit this from happening when Trump thought they were just giving him a hard time as they always did there. Mostly from his own doing bragging about his money when there was very old money in town and that money was very quiet and never braggadocious like him. These types have what is known as verifiable, proper money. Its funny because Mar-a-logo is in the national register of historic places for its architectural significance which means that all repairs must be done with the exact same materials originally used and he would ask contractors to break the law and use cheap materials i.e. the wrought iron gates same as where you are standing needing repair and he told them to replace it with fake plastic look alike fence and they reported him to the landmark commission. I know the rules in such matters as my former house in SC is also in the register so I know the law. He did the same thing in NY in the 80s with what is known as Trump tower which also was in the register and he was supposed to by law reuse the front fascia but then claimed it disappeared while in storage. again all well documented. See a pattern? Anyway, there is so much more I could say but I will end with this, the yacht problem was no longer an issue because the bank repossessed the yacht like many things he would not pay for. All that I am stating is well documented in the press records there in PB including the three articles about my business and Trump tower was one of the 3,000 plus lawsuits he was involved in NY. You got to hand it to the guy, he really knows how to work the suckers.

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  7. I remember talking to my local antique dealer…she started in architectural salvage in the post-war period and started buying real estate in the late 50's, she started antique dealing in the 70's to furnish the properties she owned…she sold the salvage business after 50 years, the antiques are being dissolved now and the property is being taken on by her daughter

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