Germany’s First Rye Whiskey Distillery

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Steffen Lohr, Bastian Heuser and Sebastian Brack, Three autodidacts with a passion for handcrafted spirits went on a road trip at the end of 2015. Their adventure was on Dorfstraße in Schlepzig, approx. 60km south of Berlin.

They were actually on their way to Brandenburg’s oldest whisky distillery to buy a cask of whisky. They drove out of Berlin and into Germany’s breadbasket, past countless rye fields, and into the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, a primeval pastureland, in which the Spree spreads out into a river delta.

They stood in the courtyard of the Spreewald distillery and the owner told them that he was looking for a successor, they all knew straight away that this was where Their adventure was and that their journey had just begun.

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