Get Paid Top Dollar In 2020

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38 Comments on “Get Paid Top Dollar In 2020”

  1. As per usual PBD, fire material ?? – sharing this with my team!! We don’t want to be spoiled seagulls that forget how hunt! I want to be irreplaceable! Thank you for this! ????

  2. very true, i always say the main 2 reasons people struggle financially is:
    1. They spend to much money
    2. They don't have marketable high value(or even medium-valued) skills (or perhaps they have them theyre just not using them)

    And if you where curious i have a third reason which is making excuses. I.e: having a mostly external locus of control.

  3. And focus on increasing your portfolio so it grows your wealth even faster while you sleep, and eventually your legacies will also benefit. You future self (and your offspring) will thank you. Love the seagull story. Applies so perfectly to life. Manifest your own destiny and be prepared. Don't just regenerate your own leads — regenerate your own wealth. I chose investing in quality dividend companies to generate my wealth, but lots of asset classes work. Don't be the dying seagull.

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