Healthy Tips For Programmers & Web Developers

In this video we will touch on healthy lifestyle tips for computer programmers, web developers and anyone else who sits down all day and stares at a computer screen.


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  1. Man I found your channel a week ago and have probably watched 40 vids already. Can't get enough! It's friday night and Im skipping beers to instead watch your videos at the library. You're an inspiration man, thank you! Peace and love

  2. As far as little natural lighting, if you can't get it from the sun, there are Daylight natural lighting lamps you can buy.

  3. Try to make some motivational videos also.Motivation activates yourself to do things again who you just get sucks with problems sometimes..

  4. On the de-clutter your mind section, was sitting there hoping to see meditation and yoga, then it appeared! Happy days 🙂 Great ancient practices to cultivate calm and union of the mind/body/spirit complex

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