Here are the 19 ANZ startups pitching at Startmate’s next Demo Day


Story by: Simon Thomsen Startup Daily

The founders of Startmates Winter21 cohort of 19 startups are playing for money and mentors at Demo Day this week.

The Winter Harvest of Australian (13) and New Zealand (6) companies is Startmate's largest cohort of all time and is Agtech, Gaming, Fintech and Climate Technology.

You've just emerged from Startmate's 12 week funded program – $ 75,000 for 7.5% off a $ 1 million valuation for first-time startups participating in a round same number in the evaluation of the previous round for this one already.

And now it is up to these entrepreneurs to present themselves to a global audience of founders, mentors and investors on Thursday, October 7th at 5 pm on Demo Day

Startmate director Lauren Capelin says the companies in the Winter21 cohort operate on the frontier of industries including energy storage, mental health, the creative economy, cybersecurity, and the gaming metaverse.

"We are inspired by the ever-increasing ambition of founders across the region and we can't wait to see what this cohort accomplishes by Demo Day," she said

The Winter21 cohort also comprised a climate accelerator stream, which was composed of the Agtech AI startup Agtuary, the personal care startup Baresop, the storage-as-a-service solution EnergyBank Limited, the robotics startup Ripe Robotics and the renewable energy start-up Vertus Energy Limited. This stream is supported by Mike Cannon-Brookes of Atlassian through his family investment firm Grok Ventures, with a focus on creating the next wave of startups working on innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

EnergyBank, co-founded by Tim Hawkey, provides a solution for electricity companies that enables renewable energies to compete with and displace fossil fuel production.

“We designed our technology to economically fully decarbonise the power grids in Australia and beyond. As part of the Startmate Winter21 cohort, we can solve problems with the best people in the industry to help us achieve our goals faster, ”said Hawkey.

Another member of the Winter21 cohort, Baresop, deals with single-use plastic packaging.

Founder Prisca Ongonga-Daehn said Startmate's mentors helped her scale Baresop's subscription consumer model.

"Traditional hand and body soap products consist of 90% water and 10% active ingredients," she said.

“All that water means so much unnecessary packaging. It is my mission to change that and I am very excited to have access to the best e-commerce minds in the region through Startmate to enhance the tangible positive impact I want to make. ”

Register here to see the Startmate demo day.

Here is the W21 cohort pitch on Thursday evening:

Actuary (AU) | Agtuary is an AI company that analyzes agricultural land to make agricultural credit, risk and investment decisions.

Agtuary bridges an important void for investors, lenders, insurers and farmers by providing standardized data sets and workflow tools that enable faster collaboration to free billions that are currently being lost to poor information and manual processes. Agtuary's AI and machine learning use globally accessible satellite weather and climate data to analyze agricultural land to enable a deep understanding of risks and prices related to climate, production and operations, for equitable access and efficient funding as well to ensure improved food security. Founders: Angus Muffatti and Matthew Rozek.

Baresop (AU) | baresop is a nature-based, concentrated powder that turns into foam for hand, body and shampoo.

Baresop eliminates the water used in traditional products, which requires the use of single-use plastic packaging. Conventional hand and body soap products consist of 90% water and 10% active ingredients that release CO2 into the atmosphere through the worldwide shipping and storage of water and plastic. baresop's waste-free powder-to-foam hand and body / hair wash products are made in Australia with plant-based ingredients and packaged in recycled waste that is either recyclable or home-compostable. Founder: Prisca Ongonga-Daehn.

chnnl (NZ) | chnnl is a workplace psychological security platform for employers and employees alike that uses AI and data insights to bring about transformative change.

The unique algorithms and data analysis methods of

chnnl enable the early detection of potential problems, negative trends, bullying and burnout, while positive trends can be used and celebrated. The platform aims to foster employee retention, productivity and a positive culture by empowering leaders to listen, understand and respond to problems that arise. Founders: Liz Berryman and Josh Carter.

CipherStash (AU) | Cipherstash is a searchable, encrypted data storage platform that simplifies the secure management of personal data for application developers. Unlike existing solutions, CipherStash simplifies compliance by ensuring that sensitive data is always encrypted but easily accessible to authorized users. CipherStash also provides developers with anonymized data sets that are more similar to live systems, reducing development and testing periods. Founder: Dan Draper

EnergyBank Limited (NZ) | EnergyBank is a storage-as-a-service solution for electricity companies that enables renewable energies to compete with and displace fossil fuel generation. The decarbonization of the electricity system is hampered by the inability to balance generation and demand. EnergyBank's long-term energy storage technology uses weights that float under a large buoy on the ocean's surface that stores energy by lifting the weights and releases energy by lowering them. Founders: Tim Hawkey, Jordan Hooper, Aaron Johnson and Rhys Foster.

Payment flow (AU) | Flow is an instant payment platform that solves late payments for the 1 billion creatives, freelancers and small businesses worldwide. Get paid for creatives within seconds of completing a gig or project, while automating business repayments via installments to better meet their cash flow. With just a few clicks, creatives can be booked, payment flows blocked and invoices generated automatically. Flow takes a clunky, tedious process on both sides, turning it into one of the smoothest payment experiences in the world. Founder: Glen Cassidy.

River (AU) | Flux is a gamified financial education platform that rewards young Australians for adopting positive financial habits related to saving, borrowing, and more. 50% of young Australians feel that their finances are out of control due to a lack of financial education in school, a lack of savings plan and an increasing “buy now, pay later” lifestyle that can lead to debt cycles. Flux made financial literacy a game by rewarding young Australians for adopting positive financial habits of saving, borrowing, and more. Founders: Brett Joffe, Justin Joffe and Gustavo Hoirisch.

Psylo (AU) | The way we treat mental illness is broken, and increasing research suggests that psychedelics will play a key role in future treatments. Psylo is Australia's first psychedelic biotech company. Their mission is to create psychedelic drugs to redefine the way we treat mental illness. Founders: Joshua Ismin and Samuel Banister

Shift (AU) | Layer helps game developers access brands, characters, and stories that players love. It drives the next generation of collaborations, such as Travis Scott's appearance in front of 38 million people in Fortnite or the $ 200 million mega-hit "Kim Kardashian's Hollywood". Layer brings together games and intellectual property that go together commercially and creatively, removing the friction and risk that limit collaboration to the biggest players today. From helping an aspiring indie developer with their first IP connect to providing the building blocks of the virtual worlds that bring us closer to the metaverse, Layer is the easiest way to secure content rights, the players love. Founders: Rachit Moti and Chris Illuk.

Find a helpline (NZ) | Find A Helpline is the global safety net for people in crisis that connects people anywhere, anytime with free emotional support. People are increasingly turning to the internet during times of emotional crisis, including suicide, self-harm, and overwhelming fear. Social media, search, and mental health companies recognize the important role they play and are investing in the safety of their users. Find A Helpline is an emotional support matching tool based on the largest verified helpline dataset in the world. For crisis patients it is a quick, personal and private bridge to the right help. For companies, it is a measurable and global crisis support solution that is up and running in minutes. Founder: Elliot Taylor

Opvia (AU) | Opvia's mission is to help B2B companies sell more by making their quotation quick, easy and 100% accurate. Their first product, Flexile, is a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) SaaS application that was designed as a company-wide single source of truth for product and price information. Flexile pulls your product and your prices from spreadsheets into an online tool that saves time and errors by not having to add your products to the CRM. In addition, any changes are tracked to ensure the real-time collaboration that distributed workers need. Quoting complex products can be time-consuming and imprecise, which can cost companies time, money and lost revenue. Opvia's Flexile application makes quoting quick and easy, increasing sales and reducing costs. Founders: Matt Hollis and Jarrad Seers.

Mature Robotics (AU) | Ripe Robotics builds fruit picking, modular robots that harvest fruit faster and more precisely than humans. Every year over 1 trillion pieces of fruit are picked by hand worldwide. However, farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to find workers. Around 10-20% of some fruits are also damaged by human pickers, resulting in a significant loss of income for farmers. The robots from Ripe Robotics are also modular and designed to work with different types of fruit. In the long term, they can also perform other tasks on orchards, such as B. Data acquisition, trimming, thinning and spraying. Founders: Hunter Jay and Leopold Lucas.

Shipeezi (AU) | Shipeezi is horizontal software that integrates the entire supply chain from origin to final destination. It offers shippers (international or national), hauliers (freight forwarders / shipping companies) and freight forwarders full transparency and transparency of all product movements at all times. The transparency of the Control Tower gives shippers back control of their supply chain, saving them more than 30% in logistics costs and more than 60% in reporting time. Founder: Carlos Ferri

The coinage (AU) | The Mintable is a platform that gives HR managers the confidence and ability to succeed. Aspiring and aspiring managers accelerate their growth through virtual group coaching, connecting with ambitious colleagues, and access to continuous learning, community and tools. The Mintable works directly with individual managers and works with organizations that invest in their talent. Founders: Melissa Miller and Lauren Humphrey. (NZ) | Transactional Ai creates AI-powered APIs for categorizing banking transactions that are precise and customizable for any fintech use case. Rather than hiring teams of data scientists to build and armies of people to maintain categorization performance through endless labeling, transactional APIs eliminate all of the hassle and hassle of allowing fintechs to focus on building superior product experiences. Founders: Jiao Xie, Ian Wong, Wernsen Wong.

Vertus Energy (NZ) | Vertus Energy is revolutionizing the energy industry with a circular economy model that uses waste and CO2 to produce three times more energy than its competitors. With ten years of research into bacterial behavior, Vertus Energy has developed its proprietary technology that will help convert the world to 100% renewable energy. Vertus Energy produces renewable natural gas that can replace fossil natural gas, which accounts for 25% of the world's energy needs. Founders: Benjamin Howard, Danilo Perez, Santiago de los Reyes and Freddy Gonzalez.

Veterinarians on call (AU) | Vets on Call is a platform-based solution that is changing the way veterinary services are purchased and provided. Vets on Call is a technology-oriented company that offers the highest level of veterinary care for your pet from the comfort of your home. Vets on Call covers the entire spectrum of veterinary care and enables pet owners to make appointments at a time that suits them and to take control of their pet's health record. Vets on Call offers veterinarians more flexibility, a way to grow their income, and a supportive community focused on the health and livelihood of pets and veterinarians. Founders: Morgan Coleman, Rael Kuperholz and Nathan Sinnott.

Vxt (NZ) | Vst is a smart phone and voicemail solution for lawyers and recruiters. Lawyers and recruiters spend hours each week doing phone-related tasks such as taking notes, recording time, and generally retrieving data and entering it into management systems. Vxt's calling and smart voicemail apps enable lawyers and recruiters to place and receive calls and automate tasks related to answered and missed calls. Founders: Luke Campbell and Lucy Turner.

Greenlake Medical (AU) | Greenlake Medical build the next generation clinical AI engine to optimize the diagnosis -> treatment -> fund path for hospitals.


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