Home Buying in 1975 vs 2019

In this weeks episode of Stats with Patrick Bet-David, he covers Home Buying in 1975 vs 2019. What does the American Dream really mean today? Subscribe for weekly updates

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40 Comments on “Home Buying in 1975 vs 2019”

  1. As the great philosopher once said, if teachers knew how to make money they wouldn’t be teachers. If u spend major part of your life with people that donno how to hustle then good luck trying to be rich. School teaches you how to be worker

  2. in uk dont see the point any more to buy a home, already the labour party is drawing up plans to tax gardens, and hit giving your home to your family members . what next do there think tanks be thinking of. prepping is the future homes.

  3. To 'me' there are simple solutions: Move. Reduce 'your' expectations of 'entitlement'. Buy Assets not liabilities. In some countries the home is the only source of real equity that banks will loan against without 'serious' interest rates. Interest rates on fiat currency invented of the perceived value of your real, physical asset.

  4. Love this. But I’d just want to add, be careful with rentals, they could be just as detrimental to your business. At least in my experience! Income vs expenditure. Oh. Awesome batman in th background. 🙂

  5. This is why I won't buy "retail" houses.
    Down payment is only for protecting the lender.
    Focus on distressed sellers who will consider creative financing with zero down payment; some deals can generate 10% to 20% cash back to the buyer.
    In every market, buyers' or sellers', there are distressed sellers who will consider creative financing structures for quickly getting out of their house.

  6. The games changed North America is turning into a nation with a colosal pool of money in a handful of people and it's becoming harder and harder for new comers to compete or create something new. Whenever something new gets made it either gets bought out, or copied before it can really develop.

    As for homes, since society knows everyone wants homes it just keeps raising prices especially in large cities making it a constant uphill battle for the havenots to try to have something.

  7. This is total bullshit. This channel is a liar. Im gone, cant listen to this crap anymore. I dont even care to explain.. if you cant work it out then You are too stupid and deserve to listen to this prick

  8. A video of all the different positions people can be, to have at least have that chance of being financially free. (eg. Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Side Hustle, working at a startup etc.) and the different ways of getting paid (equity, profit, captain gains, interest, royalty etc.) ????

  9. Buying ties up a lot of capital in a non-liquid asset. That capital could be invested in your business. More control of your capital is more freedom. I have rented about two-thirds of my life and wouldn't have bought a house (twice) if it hadn't been for my wife insisting.

  10. you re so right in what you just said that it gives me goosebumps …its fiving me reassurance that i m doing the right thing renting and focusing on my business rather than buying a house

  11. Wait …. there cannot be more than a small % of people who even have the DNA of an entrepreneur.  Why give such guidance to those who simply cannot pull this off??  Maybe just be more realistic….

  12. idea:
    start a business – sell houses to people brainwashed to be employees
    then hire them to work for you for low wage – to make them pay for their own work product lol
    (and make sure they never finish paying up – because u pay them too low)

  13. I wouldn't say my dream is to have a house, but it is certainly part of it. I know I have a mission in this life and I'm working towards it every day. After working hard for long years, securing my financial freedom and building very cool house (no loans for that), I will have all the money and time to help and rescue animals. It is something I'm very passionate about and keeps me motivated. I'm already working on two businesses to get me closer to my dream.

  14. Another huge reason is after the Obama-Biden administration they flooded the market with trillions of extra money which diluted or devalued the dollar. It still hasn’t come back yet. They wanted it lower because they’re globalists and they can sell their goods at a discount to foreign markets making it look more inviting to do business in U. S. Dollars. Bailouts cost money and we’re paying for it!!!

    It‘s simple, the lower the value in your money, the more goods cost!

  15. a good point is made.
    if the house is too expensive it's not really worth it anymore.
    time to save for down payment should not exceed 9 years.
    a mortgage should be paid off well before 20 years.

    but I understand that governments want high house values = high property taxes.
    zoning laws, environmental laws, etc make building more cheap housing impossible.
    foreign buyers jacking up the house prices.
    I'm sure there are other things i forgot to mention but the last time houses were really affordable to the common person was get this… 1990.

  16. imagine how many fucken idiots now are going to try some bullshit stupid business only to loose their whole life savings and be bankrupted LOL

  17. This is only for some people its not for everyone. Some want to.settle in one place have a family, get a job, a meaningful life. A vacation here or there thats all and its fine. Not everyone wants your way to 'make it'. I love living in bangkok bought a few apt in usa, rented out and can live happily in Asia, teach a few classes and im happy bird.

  18. Yes you talking about US. The country that I am from, law doesn't favors tenant… there is a saying, if you born as slums you die as a slums.. we work hard to jump out of slums and owning a house at good neighbourhood is life goal.

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