Hot IT Skills In Demand For Software Engineers Eyeing Top Jobs

Hot IT Skills In Demand For Software Engineers Eyeing Top Jobs

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The tech space is undergoing dramatic changes and young engineers must keep up.
We list 10 Hot IT Skills along with recommended learning links, to help Software Engineers do just that and understand which technical skills and technologies they must master for the next ten years in this ever-changing landscape.

A McKinsey & Company report says, nearly half the workforce in IT services firms will become “irrelevant” over the next 3-4 years owing to significant shifts in technology.

We spoke to some of our top Mentors on our Mentor Platform, working in Google, McKinsey, Amazon etc. to collate a list of emerging technologies.

You could explore great courses for them on Udemy( or Coursera(

Here’s the list of hot IT skills, along with recommended links from where you can learn them:

1. Data Science

With the Data Revolution, Big Data will continue to explode in growth over the next five years. Data Jobs for Data Analysts and Data Scientists are expected to rise 16% through 2024 according to Business Insider’s article on Hot IT skills.

Recommend Data Science Courses:

Data Science Specialization by Johns Hopkin’s University-

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by University Of Michigan-

2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Indeed’s trend data shows that in 2016 alone, the number of job postings for Machine Learning currently surpasses the number of searches for such jobs.

Recommended Machine Learning/AI courses:

Stanford Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng-

Machine Learning Specialization by University of Washington-

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learning How To Build An AI-

Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science-

3. Cloud computing

The average salary for Engineers with Cloud Computing experience is $90,950. Presently, there are 18,239,258 Cloud Computing jobs worldwide, of which 40.8% are in China.

4. Object-Oriented Programming Languages

While there isn’t a specific programming language that is a pre-requisite while interviewing for top companies, gaining complete mastery in any ONE is what’s recommended.

Google’s Technical Development Guide, which outlines tips, links & resources for young engineers seeking a role at Google, recommends aspirants to learn to code in at least one object-oriented programming language; C++, Java or Python.

5. Algorithms And Data Structures

Every top company, be it Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft requires candidates to be masters in Data Structures & Algorithms. Proficiency in it allows Software Developers to find an elegant solution to a programming problem within hours, when another developer might take several days to figure it out.

6. Problem-solving

The art of Problem-solving is one of the most critical skills to have as a Sofware Engineer.

In this era where new technologies come and go every few years, the most important skill a young engineer can teach himself is great problem-solving ability!

7. Information Security

Jobs for Information Security are expected to rise 18% through 2024. Robert Half’s 2016 Salary Guide places the starting salary for Information Security professionals in the six-figure range, increasing about 7% from 2015 and signifying one of the largest year-over-year salary bumps.

8. Discrete Maths

Discrete Maths lays the foundation for future courses in functional programming, Algorithms & Data Structures, Compilers & Automata etc.

With the understanding of Set Theory, Boolean Algebra, Probability & Combinations, programmers can effectively analyse algorithms; identify their parameters & limitations as well as realise how complex a problem or solution is.

9. Operating Systems

Most top companies quiz candidates on OS theory and Linux commands.
You must know OS topics that affect code performance; memory management, processes threads, synchronisation, paging & multithreading.

10. Mobile App Development

Mobile app developer jobs are poised to witness some of the largest salary gains. An 8.2% projected increase in salary was stated in InformationWeek. Inc featured App Development as #2 on their “10 Hottest Jobs” list and reported that 83,649 more App Developer jobs were posted than people hired.

Other Hot IT skills

Some other in demand skills are as follows:

Embedded Systems & IoT
Wearable Technology
Augmented Reality
Full Stack Development

Read the full article on the Hottest IT Skills WITH links to the best learning resources for these skills:

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  3. Yes – College degrees are useless with few exceptions. Four years is "lot of Time". The dynamics of "CHANGE" is affecting every segment of the industry. Those people, who could accommodate change gracefully should survive and thrive. Others will struggle.

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