How Fruit Brandy is Made

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Neven is a name you will know about in a few years when discussing fruit brandy. His attention to detail, respect to nature, and passion for distilling is something I truly admire and respect. I am so glad I got to learn from him and even more proud to call him my friend.

He distilled his first fruit brandies with his father, when he was eight or nine years old. He learned to make whiskey on an ADI internship at the Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher Iowa and plans to open a distillery in his native Croatia. Below is an excerpt from his article that was published in the distiller magazine:

My father and I were distilling pear brandy (home distilling is legal in Croatia) and we got in an argument about cuts, and I was educating him about the chemistry of distillation. You should have seen the look on his face.

My family has a generations-long tradition of distilling, with knowledge and skills passed from father to son. I have been distilling since the age of 8 or 9, when one autumn I first helped my father and my uncle to make fruit brandy. We produce various organic fruit brandies, primarily plum and pear, from the family’s orchards. Every year since then I have either assisted or run the still myself. One day I started thinking: Why not start my own commercial distillery? That is something I would actually enjoy doing. The spark was there. The twinkle reappeared. I knew deep down that this was it.

Neven is on his journey of making his dreams come true and Im looking forward to rooting for him and coming back to do a story about his distillery.

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