How I Manage My Time | Time Management Tips from a Med School Student

A time management in med school video has been highly requested. A lot of you guys ask how I get to do everything from med school, working out, to YouTube. I thought I would about it this video. I go over three time management tips/tricks I use in med school: using a planner, prioritizing and using free time effectively!

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20 Comments on “How I Manage My Time | Time Management Tips from a Med School Student”

  1. I am making my free time card at the moment and this allows me to manage my time more efficiently. Thank you for inspiring me to be more responsible with my time. I know that this will be one of many steps in helping me reach my goal to pass the NCLEX/Board 🙂

  2. Ma'am can you please make video on how to keep inspiring yourself when you're stressed out!

  3. Your videos are so helpful….These are some of the tips that we actually want from our seniors. Thank you so much.

  4. I love your videos, I love how simple, natural and at the same time informative they are ❤️ You’re an inspiration, Jamie. Thank you for giving us tips that will help us with our studies. Btw, I just followed you on snapchat ?

  5. Great advice! Will surely make a list of thing to do in my free time slots and try to implement it! You're a huge inspiration to get more and more organized, thank you! 🙂

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