How Rockefeller’s Became The Richest Family Of All Time

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29 Comments on “How Rockefeller’s Became The Richest Family Of All Time”

  1. And here I thought that the Rockefellers became so wealthy because they were the corner stone of the Illuminati! ( Just kidding). However, many, many people believe that if you want to become very successful, you must play ball with the Illuminati! This might be a interesting video for you to do: the truth about the Illuminati. I know you might think this is a joke, however there is a large population of people that feel that this alleged organization actually secretly run things. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Great video and excellent pointers. I have been sharing your videos with our 18 year old and stressing the importance of developing his own personal network. It might be over the top in detail, but at our office we have been using the "Mackay 66" since 1996. Works like a charm. Keep up the good work!

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