How To Be A Well-Paid Programmer In 1 Year? (Software Development)

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FREE DOWNLOAD – 7 Habits of Highly Successful Software Developers ➨
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How To Be A Well-Paid Programmer In 1 Year?

Climbing the corporate ladder can be really difficult. I know programmers that have spent almost 10 years building his careers in order to gain knowledge and become a well-paid programmer.

However, what if we took it to the next level? What if we decided to become a well-paid programmer in just 1 year? Is it possible that, within this time frame, become a well-paid programmer? Is there a strategy you can implement?

Watch this video and find out!

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26 Comments on “How To Be A Well-Paid Programmer In 1 Year? (Software Development)”

  1. Hello there, i did acomplish this goal in less than a year, approximately 7 months. I got hired as a remote developer for one of the big wordpress agencies and Made a big company interested in me. No prior knowledge. Always had full faith cause this plan makes sense.

    So this is what you are going to do:

    1- Create a Github account.
    2- Dig through companies public repos and start opening PRs like a madman while you keep learning and developing your own projects.
    3- Have the most outstanding attitude when it comes to communicate on Github.
    4- Get mentored by working in your PRs while you level up quickly
    5- Repeat

    At some point someone is going to Say who is this guy? And he will ask you. Never ever ask for a jób if you have not contributed shit tons of patches.

    No one is doing this and chances are most Will never do this. A lot of people told me "are you crazy? That's free work". Yeah, and that's why i have a super cool job now.

    All the best to you aspiring programmers

  2. You should make a video about any relevant cs concepts that coding bootcamps might not have enough time to teach over the curriculum

  3. It actually depends on your options) If you know some people (I actually have no idea what kind of people, maybe public sector) – you might learn COBOL and go maintain some 40-year-old code, which is nonetheless very important)) It's very hard to find a live COBOL-programmer, so it might pay just well)

  4. Did you know, Programmers almost never have kids because theres a thing called Biological Control, if you ever kill a bug it kills the chance of one of your kids being born.

  5. If you can manage to get to interviews, then even better than bootcamp is to start interviewing for a few months (apply for at least 100-200 jobs). You'll end up doing many many exercises as part of the interview and learn a lot but also you'll gain experience in interviewing and selling yourself. This assumes you will be asking for feedback every time you get rejected and that you do preparation for each position.

  6. To anyone that's interested: I am looking to be on a team in the industrial transportation field. I have a deep interest in machine learning and 26 years in my domain (transportation). Industrial transportation and logistics is at ground zero with nobody at the controls, Tesla and many others have got the ball rolling for autonomous technology and machine learning and deep learning engineers IMO will be in high demand very soon. I will trade my intimate industry knowledge in exchange for technical knowledge; even trade across the board, to build a great endeavour for the future.

  7. I thought u were a meathead douchebag telling unfunny, child-like jokes but I see ur an OK guy. Good vid Mr Atlas.

  8. What about people who are already working and can spent only 4 hours per day. How long it takes for them.

  9. My company has agreed for me to learn programming, They will give me 3 hours a day, plus they will pay the 200 dollars permounth for a year. The reason for this is that our fairly large company has 3 types of software controling various parts of the company, how ever, every body is using excel and it doesnt mather how good I was able to connect all the software it is still excel. and it is very dificult for excel to make disitions based on date and situation. How to you rate TREE HOUSE compared to the one you proposed?

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