How To Be More Productive – Reverse-Engineer your day for Productivity and Time Management Tips

Are you looking for some tips to be more productive, possibly if you’re a student or entrepreneur looking to boost your time management skills? If so, we’ve got the best productivity tips and methods of managing your time in the short animated video. I did a collaboration with Dana Blouin and we share with you some tips that can completely change the outcome of your day and help you get more done and feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Dana Blouin:

So, for me, one of the first things I do in the morning after waking up is come up with three main goals. usually I set one in health, one for school, and one for this channel. For example, one for my health goal would be to lift today or run a certain number of miles or eat under a certain number of calories. One for school might be to finish all the work for one class, and one for this channel might be to write a new script or reply to all my remaining comments.

At the end of my day I have a one hour chunk of time scheduled to go back through my notebook and review my notes and make any adjustments to my schedule for the next day based on something I may have written down. Dana has some amazing tips to schedule your day and live through it to accomplish the maximum number of awesome things you can each day!

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26 Comments on “How To Be More Productive – Reverse-Engineer your day for Productivity and Time Management Tips”

  1. Really cool video buddy. The illustrations really kept me engaged! Keep smashing more great videos. Get off your A** – Goya

  2. I have an idea for being more productive. Don’t waste time every day counting up your calories lol. Just don’t eat junk food and huge portions of meat if your worried about your diet…

  3. Just want to share that this nugget of video really helped me out today in a great way. I have been steadily working since 9:15 a.m. and I am just now taking a much needed break. Sometimes simple directives are best. Instead of writing a to do list, I am writing down everything I need to do. I work at a school where we all wear many different hats so staying on top of everything and remaining focused is the key. Thanks so much for this video. Press on everyone, have a plan, take breaks, and enjoy the freedom in being the most productive person/employee/entrepreneur you can be today….and beyond today!

  4. 1. Wake up early
    2. Exercise
    3. Schedule everything
    4. Have a singular focus
    5. Remember to take breaks
    Bonus: take notes and review them at the end of the day

  5. Huh. I've met this guy. He came to speak at a class at Bangkok University last year. I guess speaking is his thing.

  6. How the hell does training boost your energy? That must be something that just happens if you're new to it, or if you don't go balls to the wall.

  7. How do you make a consistent schedule for yourself without feeling burnt out from all the sameness?? I find if I'm doing the same sorts of things every day with no variation then I feel like a zombie and anything consistent immediately feels like a chore.

  8. Loved this video, am following bits and pieces of it. Will try to implement as much as I can! 🙂

  9. My day so far
    1…I woke up around 8
    2….Went to eat
    3…..Drove home took about 4 hours on the way I listened to Russian music because I’m learning Russian
    4…..Got home and started on a charcoal drawing/ while listening to videos like this and a bit of Russian
    5….I started writing for a little time

  10. Good video for early risers, parts of this are counter-productive for people with naturally late circadian rhythms.

  11. Instead of just waking up early, wake up 48h before. This time you are always 2 days ahead of everyone else.

  12. Is it weird that somehow I resent being organised? but on the other hand I really wish I was more organised? I know how to be more organised but somehow don't want to take the steps when it comes to it. I know it's called lazy but I feel like shit when I do.

  13. I love the 3 main goals idea: that's how I make my daily to-do lists. When you only choose few importang things to focus on achieving, you are motivated & don't feel overwhelmed!
    It's even better if the goals are small if you are just starting with productivity!
    It's better to start small & end big, it's all about consistency!

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