How to Be Your Own Best Friend by Mildred Newman & Bernard Berkowitz

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Links mentioned:
– The War Of Art
– (Bob Proctor) The Terror Barrier
– The Way of the Superior Man
– What To Say When You Talk To Yourself


44 Comments on “How to Be Your Own Best Friend by Mildred Newman & Bernard Berkowitz”

  1. i heard mention of a book titled "The Four Agreements" in a movie i was watching. The very next day i listened to your ( youtube audio ) study notes on the book. That was about 5 weeks ago, and since then i've been listing to all your study notes, on my phone to and from work every day. Now i am finding myself listening to your study notes audio w/ headphones all day long while at work in the office. It has been an eye ( or mind ) opening experience, and even five weeks later i am still working thru the "fixing me" portions of this exciting new paradigm direction. Even still , just being at the beginning stages of self improvement I have noticed huge improvements in my life ! thanks for what you do, and can you recommend specific books that deal most directly with "unlearning" a
    lot of my previous ways of thinking ?

  2. Joseph been away for awhile… and the first thought I got this morning was to check out your channel again… thru meditation I have been allowing subconscious mind to led me – since this connection I have be able to find everything my heart needs..…. still figuring out how this can led me to a lady?????? maybe I need to be my best friend for now……

  3. The end to this video deserved a standing ovation. This has to be one of the best books you have covered (maybe because I knew it all along). Absolutely loved this and will be listening to it again and again to reaffirm it.

    Thank you. I and I'm sure thousands of others really appreciate the wisdom, insights, and knowledge you bring to ourselves ????

  4. thank you for your work joseph. you already made a difference in my life. within the first video i watched from you. your way of talking is so nice to listen to. just on point with no useless side talking.

  5. This is probably my favorite video. At the moment. I listen to it again and again. I look forward to learning it so well that I outgrow it. I look forward to your content on Facebook and glad I finally got to follow you on there!

  6. Joseph.. Your Voice is Amazing & I love listening to you every night! You give great advice & I love how you explain the books and put your own input and lessons you have learned all together in your summaries. ? Thank You for all your hard work you put in!!!

  7. Hey man,did you ever thought that How it is related to your reality more than What If? An entrepreneur is thinking of how to do a certain thing better,not "what if do a think better" because someone who has a higher level of understanding and knowledge knows that it's not a matter of "what if" , it's a matter of how. Because they know they can do it,they just need to find the right and best way of doing it. This is my thought and my thought only that came from my point of view. There is no right or wrong from my point of view,because that depends on each persons's reality. Have a good day !

  8. I am sixteen and I have just discovered your channel. I constantly listen to Jordan Peterson and Jocko Willink. I always try to take as much responsibility as I can. Am I an adult?

  9. This really hit home for me. I feel dizzy by it, but also excited to get on with it.
    I really appreciate and enjoy your video's.

  10. Phenomenal review, presented in an excellent and thoughtful manner. If you’ve come to this channel looking for the roadmap to being your own best friend, this video provides the initial signpost -but Jospeh makes it abundantly clear that you have to take the first steps and actually walk the road for yourself. Time for me to put on those hiking boots!

    Many thanks Joseph – some hugely valuable insights here,

  11. I could tell you practice what you preach. You’re amazing man thank you for these summaries and the knowledge you’re passing on!

  12. Every thing you’ve mention Joseph, I’ve actually gone through,& like u stated towards the end of the audio “ wow that makes a lot of sense” but this is what I say “ wow I can’t believe that this is how I think”… this guy just said things that I’ve actually thought of & naively me thinking that I’m the only individual that thinks that way…

    But then I come to my senses and say it’s cause I’m getting mature and actually reading,listen,& following the rite sort of people & books ,I’m a N.Y’er & if we ever was2 cross paths I’m nothing like people out here & when I say that I mean it in a way we’re I’m not rushing,or doing things in a hurry.. when u do that u skip levels of thoughts ? or in other words TRACK OF MIND I honestly think & believe I’ve found that infinite intelligence that N.Hill spoke about!..

    However not as a whole yet!… just big chunks at a time and I believe it’s opening up even wider and spreading its self ever since I’ve listen to u.. some may go to sleep listening but me I can’t ur tonality the way u put things in its rite frame of order honestly,and truthfully this makes me believe that we have some type of relationship from within cause i basically have the same sort of ways of thinking ,& I’ve never met a person or persons like that so all this information that ur pouring out there is unbearable I say this cause I believe I could be one of the rare and I’m just now discovering it 4myself

    There’s so much I can say to u!.. ur voice and the way u put things in an organized manner Tai-Lopez is a person that I believe he has reframe your work or maybe not I believe he may have actually learned from u and vice versa … he’s a mentor of mind MoBaid Syed Sagar Miller & Now U I’ve heard over 20 of ur audios and u are Hands Down a person that I believe No’s me from within..

    Or like u say I’m finding the “GIANT FROM WITHIN” no.. that was Anthony Robbins or rather Tony .Robbins lol .. I’m actually afraid or ur reply .. I believe by me writing u all this u probably have me pegged… ur amazing Joseph!.. u have perfected ur self & ur helping me do the same or rather helping others discover them selves … & I hope one day I can meet u I would rather it be once I’m on a level that I believe it would be suited-able for us both

    U take care of ur self .. & GOD BLESS YOU!!??. V/

  13. 13:00 made me emotional. I listen to your teachings/interpretations every morning, as part of my work ritual. I consider you my "digital mentor".

    One day I may not need you anymore, so I should thank you now.

    Thank you for your Great Work. ?

  14. I love listening to you. The prison solidarity confinement analysis did not sit right with me. Every real story that i have heard about this situation leaves ppl destroyed and very crazy.

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