How to Beat the Odds

Tom Bilyeu joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about his journey starting his companies, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and how to beat the odds.

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28 Comments on “How to Beat the Odds”

  1. THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN A rags to riches story! I'm in the "small apartment phase" right now ? so I really appreciate this! (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  2. Great he had a woman who could see him at his worst and envision him better. Most women shop at the finish line, they don't ride out the low periods

  3. Im 31yrs old and have always had gut health issues that seemed to limit my brain power and physical stamina. I've worked conscientiously the past few years to figure out and solve my chronic health problems. Im not 100% there yet but am making progress and am beginning to have TONS of drive in setuping up and implementing midterm to longterm life goals….. Based on my personal life experience I now know how easily health issues can affect your brain power and your ability to imagine alternate possibilities (Which are key to planning). I now recognize random people, friends, workmates who display the same lack of imagination, ambition, and drive…..So to anyone lacking in ambition or drive I highly suggest focusing on physical/mental health as a foundation before trying to juggle anything else. Everyone will eventually be limited by their brains ability to learn or desire to do so.

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