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Hey everyone welcome to SSDNtechnologies today's topic is about Python how to become Python developerand why python is created by Guido van Rossum in 1989 and released in 1991python is a high-level interpreted general-purpose programming languagewhich is easy to learn it is also a scripting language this means that youcan easily and quickly write scripts and simply test with it now the mainobjective of today's session is to help you build a good fundamental knowledgeabout Python let's have a look at today's agenda first Python introductionsecond what are the features of Python third top recruiters of Python fourthcareer opportunities Python is an interpreted language while most of theprogramming language is compiler based this means that you can run the code assoon as you write it you can treat the Python in a procedural way this meansthat it can be treated as oops object-oriented programming language orfunctional way it is easy to learn now let me tell you what is the differencebetween interpreter and compiler in case you are using interpreter language youdo check the errors in the code so what happens in the interpreter read everyline individually and if it finds an error in any line its stop processing itand it gives user an indication that this line has error in compiler theentire code is processed in one go and then you get the complete list of errorsparent in it now let's have a look at the top IT companies that uses Pythonfirst YouTube the popular YouTube video sharing service is largely written inPython second Google Google makes extensive use of Python in its websearch system third dropbox dropbox systems service codes both its serverand desktop client software primarily using Python fourth raspberry pi theraspberry pi single board come promotes Python as its educationallanguage v BitTorrent BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing system beganits life as Python program NASA NASA used Python for scientific programmingtasks the Python is used for large scientific programming Netflix Netflixdocument the role of Python in their software infrastructure now let's have alook at the features of Python programming first easy the Pythonprogramming is easy to learn and code as well as it is easy to read as it iswritten in simple English second free and open source the Python is freelyavailable you can download it from the link available in the description thirdhigh level it is a high level language this means that you can write the codein English language and it is easily converted into binary fourth portablelet suppose you write the code for Windows machine now you want to run iton Mac you can do the same without making any changes in the program fifthinterpreted languages like C++ or Java compile the program first and then runit but python not compile the program indirectly run it six object-orientedthe real word is said to be object-oriented so do the Python itsupports both the object oriented and procedure oriented seventh extensibleyou can write the code in any other language like C++ in embeddable it ispossible to put Python code in a source code in language like C++ with help tointegrate scripting capabilities in our program large standard library Pythonhas huge library for regular expressions like documentation web browsers andimage manipulation and GUI programming xi dynamically type this means that thetype of value is decided at the runtime some of the career ofTrinity's after running Python first software engineer second senior softwareengineer third DevOps engineer for data scientist fifth data analyst if you wantto learn about data science check the link available in the description youcan also work in the field of bioinformatics and image recognition soif you want to learn about Python and know yourself at existing technologiesyou can contact us on call nine nine nine nine triple one six eight sixwhat's epic nine nine nine nine five zero nine nine seven zero if you likethis video share it with your friends and subscribe to our YouTube channel toget more videos like this also follow us on Facebook Twitter and LinkedInand all the links are available in the description.

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