How to Build Self Confidence | Morning Motivation | Motivaitonal Video

How to Build Self Confidence | Morning Motivation | Motivaitonal Video

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21 Comments on “How to Build Self Confidence | Morning Motivation | Motivaitonal Video”

  1. I’ve literally just made a video on this topic and also talk a little about anxiety. ??

  2. Such good words omg. I’m working on my confidence and this video has really got me in the right mindset. The only thing is, quite a lot of shy people get picked on and that’s why they’re shy. It can be very very hard to gain confidence when you’re looked at as ‘the freak’ or you just get dirty looks and stuff. Especially if you have no friends cos you then feel no ones got your back and things x

  3. I didn't experience being bullied or hated or what other things that can cause lack of confidence. I don't know why. I'm 18 and d*mn it, I've experience most of my life being an introverted person.

  4. So I was born with alopecia so I barley have eyebrows. I remember in grade 7 this kid said to me when I walked by “haha you have no eyebrows” my heart dropped I lost my self confidence right there. Today I’m still trying to have self confidence ?✨

  5. I just realized I've been living other people's lives. That's why I never get confidence to speak out what I know or believe in, cos I think probably it's contrary o what others believe. Thank you so much for this. I must live out the real me.

  6. My sister didn't get it.
    My mom didn't have time.
    My dad was working
    My brother is busy with games.
    I cant get therapy when I'm 12.
    YouTube is the only thing that helps me!

  7. This video just changed my life! I've spent the past two years trying to think about what I would be good at and how I would add value to the lives of others and within the first 3:16 minutes of watching this video, it came to me!

  8. My confidence has been reducing after I have my baby. I think it because I had a hard birth and different times caring the baby! Also, I’m studying and had a half year maternity leave, which means I have to say good bye to my old class and have to adapt to a new class and lots group works, one of the members is the most bossy person I’ve ever seen,which also gives me a hard time! I prefer keep silence rather than raise the issue because it also means lots of troublesome. The bossy is gonna lead us a good mark that’s also the biggest reason I’m not gonna say anything! Lol!I’m lucky enough to have a gentleman husband who forgives me everything and tolerates me everything. I’m just quite moody not done anything worse! I would definitely develop depression if without him.I feel like I really need a place to talk and I chose here! Maybe no one will see my saying, but still wish someone can reply me.

  9. I respect you man and i really appreciated your words it is motivated me you made me cry

  10. This video has motivated me to comment on this video and not for my project. I'm confident that I don't need to study or put in effort. I'm confident as I am.

  11. I gave up on myself. I have social anxiety and chemical brain imbalance in my head. This can’t be done for me because I have I’ll brains. The only way I can do to stop this frustration is by killing myself becsus life is too short anyway and meaningless to me

  12. Whenever I start to think negative of myself and/or my body and lose confidence I always try on clothes I think look good on me and dance around the house. I embrace the good parts of myself and focus away from the bad stuff. It really helps.

  13. I am good enough for me maybe not for everyone and that’s cool but I am good enough ??

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