How to Do Business in China from Belgium

It is always said that construction takes a lot of time.

But here, every minute that passes makes the China Belgium Technology Center grow.

So come and install your offices in the spring of 2020.

Your company is active in ITC, Life Sciences or Smart Manufacturing and you want to develop your business in China? So come, and develop yourself in the quickest and easiest way.

I am Aline Deglas, and today I take you to visit our construction site You will be based in the heart of Europe, in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Between two highways connecting you with every major European city.

This building of 57,000 m2, about 8 football fields will comprise 3 5-storey towers with adaptable offices and laboratories.

You will be able to interact with partners in your sector of activity.

You will be able to walk on this big place.


Stop and chat with your partners over coffee or tea.

Perhaps you are a small business, or a business that has grown, but whose target would still be the Chinese market.

So come, and expand here, in our brand-new coworking space.

The Chinese market is complex and you could feel lost.

That's why here at CBTC you'll find a whole range of service providers that will help you with translation, protection of intellectual property, Networking and other services that you may need for the development of your business in China.

During your growth, you will want to welcome your partners for a VIP experience here in Wallonia.

That's why I'm currently on the roof of a hotel with 170 rooms, a conference center with a capacity of 400 people and one of the most extraordinary rooftops in the Walloon Region Oh, one more thing: what you see is only phase 1.

In the future, you will grow with us.

So ? Do you want to expand your business to China? With us, you will make this possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us and follow the evolution of the project just here on our Linkedin or Youtube channel.

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