How to Get People’s Attention

Patrick Bet-David talks about how to get people’s attention in this weeks Monday motivation. Subscribe for weekly updates

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33 Comments on “How to Get People’s Attention”

  1. To often do I forget that my role as a father is intertwined with my roll as an entrepreneur and business leader. Great remind Pat and awesome video. As always keep up the great work.

  2. love all your content! it was great to see your son ratting off those those thing not because he memorized them for the vid, but as you say you instilled those things and it has connected with who they are and will become.
    on a different note, i recently saw your video on social security. found it fascinating. I live in Putnam ny about an hour away from ny city original from Yonkers which is 15 minutes from nyc. Sunday my wife and I visited the FDR residence in New Hyde Park. The park ranger told a story of how when polio got to its worst FDR would try and walk to get his leg to come back but would get so far and fall down until some one came and picked him up. he did this every day. the ranger said it was a testament to his dedication to try and walk.. learned a lot this Sunday..
    thanks for your content!

  3. Patrick Bet David is an agent for Israel and the JEW ZIONISTS! But you fools keep believing what he's selling you. Such a poor refugee who achieved the American Dream, right?

  4. too bad many parents arent like you my father wants me to be interested in everything he’s interested in*!*if im different he wont likenit

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