How to Make a Multi Vendor eCommerce Website With WordPress – Like Amazon and Flipkart – 2018

How to Make a Multi Vendor or Multi Seller Marketplace eCommerce Website With WordPress – Like Amazon and Flipkart – 2018 – An Online Store, Complete WooCommerce Tutorial, using Electro WordPress Theme, WooCommerce and Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin.
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Demo Website Tour 00:00:00
Getting a Domain Mane & Web Host from TmdHosting 00:14:44
Installing WordPress 00:21:56
Installing Electro Theme and Plugins 00:24:43
WooCommerce Settings 00:32:05
Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin Settings 00:48:50
Create Top Left and Top Right Menu 00:57:08
Seller Guide 01:02:30
Creating and Designing Front end eCommerce Website 01:25:52
Creating Revolution Sliders 01:42:41
Creating Shop and Product Sidebar 02:20:00
Create FAQ and Contact Us Page 02:22:41
Footer Settings 02:29:44

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  1. You're a gem. Because of you I am learning new stuff everyday and earning money.

  2. Hello Nayyar, firstly I would like to thank you for making such an awesome video. This video has helped me a lot. I am truly grateful to you. I had a question though… So when an order is placed the orders page on the vendor side doesn't reload it self. I am developing the site on my local machine and I have to refresh the orders page to view the newest orders made by customers. How can I make it reload it self or include a notification system. Pls kindly let me know. TIA

  3. good day sir
    the statistic block content is not working ..
    i already purchase new electro and dokan.
    pls can you help me out

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    <li><a href="#">All Audio &amp; Video</a></li>

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  4. hello sir how to make a website this theme. and how to change logo please make a video. thanks

  5. is it possible for a shop page to load product categories automatically when being clicked from mega menu

  6. Hi. Can i configure some products to show a contact form instead of adding to cart? I want to sell land as well as physical products. So, for physical products i want the "add to cart" button and checkout process as usual but for the land i want clients to fill a form to contact the vendor. Is this possible? How?

  7. hello nayyar, the static block code is not working on my back end, exactly how u did it . which u said we can change our own title, its not working for me instead it is showing me the same code at the front end. pls how can get through it. pls i need answers urgently. thanks man

  8. Nayyar sir….u are amazing…..I am regular viewer of your videos …..

    sir …your videos are help full for me. . And I create e commerce website …which is based on online shopping site ……

    sir….can you a help me….. if your wish …..
    sir …I want to # Electro theme # because its heard me…. and I want to work on this theme …I like this theme….please can you help me….Sir please don't say no…. can you give me this # electro theme # ….
    because I am not able to purchase this theme right now…..
    I promise you if you will give me this theme I will shoes my website …..

    please help me sir…

    my e-mail : [email protected]

    I will waiting for your response …..

    u r awesome Sir. ..

  9. Nayyar pls can u make a similar site with elementor and oceanwp from scratch I know u can do it pls try

  10. Hello Nayyar, great video. I just have a question, i have purchased the electro theme that you are using on this video but it doesn't have a multi vendor section, it is just a shop. As you are explaining on your video i see Dokan as one of your plugins. How do i include a multi vendor section on the theme? Your kind response will be highly appreciated

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