How To Make A WordPress Website 2018 – Divi Theme Tutorial

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Welcome! In This WordPress tutorial you will how to make a wordpress step by step! In this wordpress tutorial, we are going to use the divi theme to make our wordpress website. The wordpress theme allows you to drag and drop modules and makes making a website very easy! This is a wordpress tutorial for beginners so after you watch this wordpress tutorial, you will be able to make your own website from scratch!

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Here are some timestamps to help you following along in this wordpress tutorial

3:32 – Get Hosting
7:24 – Install WordPress
11:32 – Divi Theme Download
18:34 – Creating A HomePage
36:47 – Creating A Split Screen
45:16 – Text Overlapping
57:55 – Double Split Screen
1:08:26 – Testimonials and Divi Library
1:18:30 – Advanced Design Settings
1:20:30 – Footer
1:27:30 – Additional Resources
1:32:10 – Mobile Optimization
1:35:10 – Theme Customization
1:41:15 – Divi Library
1:45:06 – About Us Page
1:56:56 – Slider
2:10:25 – Blog
2:18:06 – Contact Page
2:33:00 – Services Layout

New CSS Tutorial is available here:

You can view a demo of the website here:

You can download the services page here:
You can learn more about the image filtering and conditional logic here:
You can learn more about the conditional logic for the divi theme here:

Again, i hope this wordpress tutorial inspires you to create your own website. Once you build your website, make sure to visit my website where you can get some really amazing divi theme layouts for your website. The best part about the divi theme layouts is that they are free for you to use!

There is a small password in this divi theme tutorial which will grant you access to the layouts on my website, make sure to watch and get your access to some of these amazing layouts!

The landing page image i used is available on shutterstock here:
For more wordpress tutorials like this or to learn more on how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

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17 Comments on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2018 – Divi Theme Tutorial”

  1. thank you so much darrel…finding your channel and this video really made my life so much easier …keep doing what you are doing man

  2. I have watched the video about 1-2 months ago but I forgot the password please I dont want to watch the video again tell me the password?

  3. hey darrel i want ask you tricky question and that is i am great-full for your all video to educate people like me
    my question is i want sell 4 products only
    will it be divi okay for that ?
    i have another website using flatsome
    but i want your opinion is divi good for that ?

  4. Darell, I have been using divi since some time and I always went the page builder way. It's no fun and I could never put my ideas into the design. I at 33:13 and should say the tutorial is awesome! I too will have an awesome looking website soon 🙂 Thank you & God Bless You!

  5. I am having such a hard time locating the Divi visual enable. I do not see where it is and I have cleared my browser cache in safari and google
    What I do because I can’t go any further. Can you help me?

  6. Hi there Darrel, really helpfull and great video. I made my entire websait with just two videos for Divi and i'm just a beginner. But have one question…can you tell us where i can get the custom footer that you import, i really like it. Thank you in advance! B.R. Hristina

  7. Darrel you the best teacher ever, I'm following your tutorials and I'll still continue following it. Thank you very much.

  8. This is a high level tutorial! Thank you so much!
    Why my text design is different? I cannot see header 1,2,3… design options.
    My button background color editing is only black and white…
    Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial! I found you on Udemy and then learned you had an updated version on YouTube, yay! I have a question – how do I make the first letter of a sentence a different font and larger than the rest of the sentence?

  10. hey Darrel thanks for the tutorial

    I have 2 questions for you if you can answer it can really help me

    Q.1 how do you get this amazing ideas and designs for the websites?

    Q.2 so when you make a website for a client let say using divi builder you install this software or theme to their WordPress account after that do you remove that divi builder from their account and if not then that client can access that builder through their wordpress account.

    thanks again

  11. What is the link to access the layouts (by Superfly, etc) ? You just kept saying "go to my website" but I'm not sure where exactly. I know the "little password" from the video, but I can't see any link to go to where I can use the pw to access the layouts.
    PS. Some great tips, even for more advanced designers (the FILTER tricks!).

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