How To Manifest Your Desires by Neville Goddard

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45 Comments on “How To Manifest Your Desires by Neville Goddard”

  1. Hello friends, I apologize for the audio quality of this video. I did not want to rerecord it again and delay the release. I felt that I was in good flow articulating my reflections on this classic body of work by Neville in a way that you would enjoy the most. I trust you'll benefit greatly from this discussion, enjoy 🙂

  2. Serious question is all personal development based off law of attraction? Cuz all the books and concept sound so similar to it but the words are just different.

  3. Great video Joseph! I was just searching "Studying Neville Goddard" and your video showed up. I really enjoyed the entire video and took notes. Very in-depth explanation of everything, thanks again!

  4. Great! Many thanks, I have never realized the diference between step 2 and 3- I have done just step 3- I have had visualized how would be my perfect week.

  5. Just Amazing! You have all the books I always wanted to read. Wow thanks so much. I have a request: Would you please do The Power of Your Awareness by Neville Goddard ?

  6. So we visualise the trauma events giving them imperful outcome. With Sigmund Froyd mode. I overcome one I have 3 more to go. I overcome eith guided visualisation very powerful.

  7. Holy balls. I just had a major epiphany!
    "For it is the nature of love and the nature of hate to turn us into that which we contemplate."
    That's when it hit me. "In the beginning, there was the word and the word was with God and the word was God" and "And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
    Word = Image. (Words are symbols and what are symbols? Images.)
    What is being told to us here is that words are actually images, which is why they are causes of effects in our lives individually and collectively. It's not that "words have power," but rather the images they invoke within the subconscious that have the power because they are the actual causes of experience over time. The images inherently have meaning, whether we are aware of that meaning or not because image and meaning are one and the same thing.
    So, when we imagine and remain faithful to it, the subconscious takes the meaning of the image and pushes it out into the world of form. God, as Neville said, IS the human imagination, for it sees only in images or meaning and eventually, the image "becomes flesh and dwells among us." One might also say that meaning is found in the imagination. Find your meaning 🙂

  8. Are these teachings some pseudo spiritual/Christian belief that is in actuality against Gods teachings? I am sincere in my question.

  9. Kudos for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Millawdon Preserve Balance Trick (should be on google have a look)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning how to effortlessly manifest the life of your dreams minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  10. Omg thank you so much for this !!! I was trying to figure out why I don’t have a “burning desire” for my desire. It’s because my focus isn’t on them 100% and I need to train my emotions/visualization. Thank You !!! ♥️

  11. Audio quality? What? Please listen to this recording Joesph. If you were whispering this into a tin can, I would not notice. I only hear truth, wisdom, and the words of Source. You know I love you.♥️

  12. Joseph, this sounds so awesome, but what if a person is suffering from Depression, or PTSD…how can they go back into the past and change things around? Is there a resource here on youtube that talks about NLP, Time Line Regression, and getting healed that you know of?

  13. Joseph good morning how are you it’s Stacie. Why are you not on any of the platforms that are of the highest respected for example my valley is chef Tate Houses Sounds true? I’m just curious because you’re you’re just a dream come true. I’m going to ask you this you don’t have to answer me because I find the answer I want to spend the day finding out I need to find somebody with the sound vibration I want to have something created for me

  14. Kind of like when you meet people and you don’t really like them because they have qualities about you that they’re showing you basically that are things that you’re not doing but you really don’t like them but they’re it’s a lesson

  15. Can’t do that I don’t know why I can only do things that are that are positive that I want I don’t know what it is I’ve always tried negatives into positives I don’t see negative everything it’s like everything is an opportunity I want what is the car that I Louise are used to say it obstacles are opportunities I cannot do negative I don’t know why everything that’s negative I turn into a positive automatically this is not something I ever tried to do I just do it

  16. Yeah I know this though I do know this but whatever you say everything you say you were a genius I think it might be smarter than my other favorite but I don’t ever say that and there’s only one other person in this world that I think is brilliant but I think it might be more Bryant don’t ever say that because he’s a friend of

  17. I’m redecorating my whole apartment for business and moving things all everywhere and I shouldn’t because my aunt my shop whole shoulder is all ripped up but I’m moving furniture all over the place and I bought a whole bunch of

  18. Just saying gratitude I just stay in gratitude all the time because I just can’t believe that I have healed to the extent that I’m like a normal person again I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life so I just live in a state of gratitude all the time if I’m not thinking

  19. Yes absolutely everything I do in my life every minute of my day unless I’m with my mom for whatever lunch but every minute of my day is surrounded around this whole business and everything that I do and have to do I’m up SAST with it I love it more than I do makes me happier than anything is ever made me hot this happy in my life

  20. I think this is weird you know G and Kelly dancing in the rain I just always feel like I want to go dancing in the rain I want to go outside and go dancing I’m just so happy and I want to be there already it’s taking too long because of the surgery but all I wanna do is go out and go dancing in the rain I’m so happy I just want to I want to be there I wanna I wanna be involved in

  21. I do my energy medicine every day and I do see colors and I just see energy move in different forms but when I do my energy work every day and I start with the light over my head I put an egg around me and I expanded into my room as big as my room then I expanded probably 20 miles out and then I expanded to the whole universe I cover the whole universe in the bright white light and I just the colors in my body and I see other things whatever and I do my meditation now or an hour and a half whatever it is I’ve been doing this for 32 years and I get up and I feel like a feather I’m on fire I I just like I am I’m ready to blow with X it’s his it’s his joy in this life and I said it’s just this positive energy and I’m not gonna go overboard but it’s just huge it’s

  22. I’m by myself a lot because I from the surgery the surgery I’ve done this all by myself I’ve done all of this by myself I’ve learned a lot of becoming extraordinarily intuitive I’ve been studying and I got this all by myself now nobody has what I have that power that energy the faith that love the fire they try to talk it down and I can’t be around them I don’t want to be no this is all me

  23. Well that’s why I don’t have a lot of classes I told him 16 and I am involved in their Facebook groups and you know I love Dean Graziosi I don’t know if you know him but and I love Tony and I love Trant but anyway and I love you and I love Joe and anyway you guys have the best energy out of anybody that I have met let me say in my whole life and there’s a lot of Facebook groups that I am involved with a very active because of these people and the reason to share with them to give them

  24. I am sure love I don’t have any of that in me and joy and I’m and I’m in love and I’m happiness and I’m sure in on Blaise that’s all I am this is what happened to me after I went through all of this at all those years this is and I got off all the medicines and doctors put me on this is what I turned into you I’m sure I’m like this I don’t know you know what I’m saying it’s just I it’s I’m speechless I’m

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