How to Measure Success

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23 Comments on “How to Measure Success”

  1. My buddy was broke by all accounts. He was pushing 40. Got into medical residency and earned about 80 k by the time he finished he was almost in in his mid 40s and signed a contract with a hospital for 200k plus he gets to practice his own privately. 3 years almost 50 years old making well over 1 million. He didn't give me exact figures but he said I'd be able to pay off my house in 1 year after spending on living and misc expenses if he buckled down. I googled his home and it was sold for 1.1 Got a house that over looks a large lake with 7 bedroom and an elevator. ( house is in the outskirts of town, but whatever, gotta go where the money is right) Some people are late starters in life. I asked him what he would change. He said nothing. He lost friends and family. First wife walked out on him. Emptied out what ever was in the accounts and bounced. Many made fun of him. Calling him a dreamer, stupid, looser. He worked remedial jobs and decided to go back to school after he had enough. They called him everything but what he is a now; a man how followed his dream and vision. Not so stupid now? considering he now runs the hospital department and will have his annual salary increase and bump up in position. A clear vision and knowing your getting closer daily sometimes is just as good as gold if you know the end will pay off. Being able to weather the storm and hold on for dear life during bad times. That's what I think breaks people alot. He was so close to quitting by his own admission. He spent months sleeping in his car, libraries, motels, hotels, peoples garages. He was convinced that he was doing right, if he just hung in there and pushed.. and he was right.

  2. This actually made me feel worse about myself. I feel I haven't been successful as I can't even decipher what I want to do in life. I've turned to reading to figure it out but still no specific clear vision.

  3. Success is measured by a few important assets, the most important being land and OWNING a home outright. If you own those two things you are set for life. Invest your money in those things. There is no more important security both financially and for retirement then owning a home and land. As they say God isn't making anymore of it. Its an asset that only goes up in value. Even if its a house that needs work you can teach yourself a lot these days to increase the value of the home. A home and land people. Make those your focus. Once you get that home paid off it can make you set for life. I know its unrealistic for most people but soon the housing market will do its normal plummet then you grab (even a crappy home) and get a good price. Owning people. Owning. Thats the key to financial success. Its like money in the bank that continues to accrue. Yes its a goal but make it your goal. Its the best advice I can give people. Its my goal one day and I was advised by a top financial advisor. Pay attention to the housing market in 2020 there will be many foreclosures from people who unfortunately may not be able to pay there mortgage anymore. If you can't strike then strive to strike the next time. Pay close attention to the housing market. Obviously location is important as well but they will be available as well. I hope

  4. Pat I disagree what you are describing in this video is simple and its called achievements. Just because someone manages to achieve several things in their life that does not necessarily translate into success. Doing things or having things is not success. Come on Pat do some digging into this topic a bit more and make a follow up video. I would like to have a discussion with you on this topic if you can find some time. We could have an intellectual debate on this.

  5. This is about how to define success, not how to measure success. Success = sustainable happiness. Measured by total net time and intensity of happiness.

  6. In my opinion measure succes is different by the person. When somebody sometimes sing and like it, unfortunally is to weak for high range public singing and he/she doing it on karoke next someone clap hands from crowd, that can be great succes compare to singstars on stage in personal feelings it after done show but diference level of achievement is colosal.

  7. patrick! you are pumping my energy level ! I am working since 9 am today and just got pumped with your videos to continue and finish what I have left!
    Thank you!

  8. Love the channel, Pat & team.
    Have been watching religiously for the last 6mos, and seen great progress in my organization as we’ve begun to live out the advice and practices recommended on VT.

    I must acknowledge I was disappointed in this video, however. It didn’t seem to be structured in any particular way, and never quite arrived at the point.

    Passing this feedback on for whatever it’s worth.
    – Bernard Green

  9. Just cuz you said that I'm going to be great at 50+ Things.
    I'm already a great mechanic, sound engineer, cinematographer,
    composer, songwriter, computer programmer, consultant,
    I haven't found anything I can't do, dude.

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