How to Memorize a Sales Script as an Entrepreneur

Memory champion Ron White shares How to Memorize a Sales Script as an Entrepreneur with Patrick Bet-David. Stay tuned for a full interview coming soon on Valuetainment. Make sure to subscribe to Valuetainment for the updates:

About Ron White: Ron White is a mnemonist, and was the USA Memory Champion in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, he appeared on the History Channel television program, ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans’.

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23 Comments on “How to Memorize a Sales Script as an Entrepreneur”

  1. Useful tip and everyone can use this tip in their life. If you want to remember something fast and retain it, do it by remembering its picture. 🙂

  2. without this channel all this valuable information Capitalism would have been still propaganda until I saw this wonderful channel 3yrs ago

  3. anyone who wants patrick to make a detail sales video plis hit like and comment. we need to learn sales in life its very important, its a skill to master and recommend best sales book. How to go from basic sales person to highest paid sales person.

  4. A man needs a woman so a lot of things we do doesn't make any sense. For example I bicycle 6,800 miles a year but on my online dating app I must pretend like I drive to work otherwise climate change women would automatically reject me.

  5. Dude I created my scripts for my own business. It’s awesome at first I would stumble on my word, now I don’t. It’s smoother than butter lol

  6. The question is, with this form of massive memory, it won’t help you in remembering skills just a lot of information, is it anything more than a way to impress when you can just write it down on your phone

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