23 Comments on “How to Modify Your WordPress Template”

  1. One more option we can try here, i m using TemplateToaster, perfect software for modifying wordpress templates.

  2. Thanks dude
    really appreciated your tute
    needed a little confidence
    haven't used WP b4
    familiar with editing though
    subbed and faved

  3. the best thing to do is use chrome and right click on the item u want to edit and click inspect element from the list

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  5. Great video. Your demo shows how to edit the CSS files. How about editing the templates? If find that I can edit the CSS files ok, but when I save changes to the templates (eg change the words in a title), it does not publish onto the live site. Is there something else I need to do?


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  7. The "Editor" section is actually a separate page on it's own. Starting WordPress 3.2 I think, you just need to hover over the Appearance menu and there should be a submenu with Editor link somewhere at the bottom of the submenu.

    OS doesn't matter. WP version from May 2011 would most likely be different from one on Aug2012.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Once you do this, does the website remain with that design even when you open it with Google Chrome or other browsers?

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  10. Do you always have to change permission status in the FTP for a WordPress modification to take effect? I was able to make a change in the CSS style sheet in my self-hosted WP blog by clicking on Update File. But I'm wondering now if the change was not permanent. (I can see if because I'm the administrator). I have the Coraline theme. I am relatively new to programming.

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