How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur

How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur by Patrick Bet-David.

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20 Comments on “How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur”

  1. The first part is hard. I don't have much I can't live without. Only thing that really motivates me is seeing humanity on a path to break through the Great Filter. (Look up Fermi Paradox.) Nothing else matters much.

  2. As Napoleon Hill (and Andrew Carnegie) said, I have to Know what it is that I want; I have to conduct myself just as I would if I were already in possession of the material thing…; there can be No Doubt that I will succeed with my plans; in my mind, I can see it with my eyes, I can touch it with my hands; practical dreamers Do Not Quit!; my eyes have been opened to success, so there's no room for Any self doubt. As Henry Ford said, about Oldfield when he was about to race the 999 or the Arrow(?), he cheerily said, "This chariot may kill me, but they'll say I was going like hell, when it took me over the bank!" That's the attitude I have…Success or Bust, but I'm committed to giving it my All.

  3. Thank you so much.. for the route.. explanation… It is exceptionally helpful… also I would like to compliment on your hair cut.. it looks really cool on you… Thank you…

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