How to Properly Delegate Tasks and Activities to Others

Have you ever given somebody a task only to have them come back and not meet your expectations? Well it might mean that you need some help with delegating.

On today’s video I’m going to show you how to properly delegate tasks and activities to others.

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Today’s video we are talking about delegation.

Now, the reason why delegation is so important, is because at some point if you are trying to grow, and you are trying to expand and you are trying to become bigger and better, you are going to have to learn how to delegate tasks out to other people.

But when did theyteach you how to delegate in school? No, it was always, do it on your own.

Right? So you have to learn how to delegate.

The problem is, most people don’t learn how to delegate, they learn how to abdicate.

Abdication is where you relinquish a throne.

It’s like if I was the king of a kingdom, and I just said “Here, you are in charge,” and I walked awayfor a month, you would be responsible for all of the decisions and all of the consequences and I would have nothing to do with it.

But if I delegate a task or activity, I can still be the king of the kingdom and delegate the activity to you and say “Here is what I need you to get accomplished.

I need you to do this, by this day and here’s the results that I expect.

” That’s called delegation.

It’s where you have track-able, tangible measurements to make sure that the person is doing what they should be doing.

The problem for new managers and for people who don’t have a lot of experience with delegation, is they are just trying to offload tasks and activities to anybody that they can.

Again, that is an abdication, not a delegation.

So I really want to make sure that you guys get this.

You give them measurable, track-able and tangible results, and then reduce the amount of space that you give them.

So if they are not getting things done when you check with them at the end of the week, you need to reduce that space.

Maybe it’s twice a week or maybe it needsto be every day until the level of job is being done up to your satisfaction.

And the more track-able tools, whether it’s sheets to turn in or reports to track, the more that you can add in, the better job you can do.

Now, the danger here is that people will scream “Micro-management” But that is either because that employee or that person that you are working with is somebody who is not doing their job.

That is usually why people willscream micromanagement.

Or, you are being overkill.

When I say you are being overkill, it just means that you might have too many check ins.

Balance that out somewhere betweendelegation and micromanagement you should be able to find a nice happy-medium.

I hope this tip was helpful for you.

I hope you begin to delegate more tasks and activities, instead of abdicating those tasks and activities.

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