How to raise money for a business: startup funding, finding investors and preparing for meetings

In this video, we are going to look into the workflow of raising money for a startup company. Here’s a simplified version of the process for most businesses:

-Create a Business
-Get Traction
-Find out if you need venture capital, and why
-Create a Pitch Deck
-Find investors
-Get Intros
-Email Pitch
-Negotiation = Time
-Get a Lead investor and Sign a Term Sheet
-Get Money

Very few businesses can raise money before traction. Traction is proof that your business is viable, and that you, as a founder, were able to bootstrap your way to it.

We’ve covered this traction ordeal at length on our previous videos, as well as how to create a pitch deck- so we’ll focus the investor workflow.

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8 Comments on “How to raise money for a business: startup funding, finding investors and preparing for meetings”

  1. You mentioned getting a check for 10% using convertible notes. When does the investor have to put in the rest of their investment funds? Also, if raising using convertible notes, is there any talk of voting rights or board seats or is that only for priced rounds? Lastly, is there such a thing as a limit to how much convertible note investment to accept in a round (pros/cons)? Let’s say you want to raise $500k but get multiple offers that tota $1m, what is the right approach? Thank you Caya!

  2. Thanks brother its very helpful . I am from india can you please make a video on indian investors and how to find them coz we also have business and want to raise some fund to go big .

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