How to Recruit Military Veterans

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24 Comments on “How to Recruit Military Veterans”

  1. I got out in 2015, I applied for service disability, currently rated at 70% and I have a government GS job. Your superiors will try and scare you to make you stay in. “ the economy is so bad, Stay in”. The people who tell you that are scared of the real world. If you play your cards right, you can retire by the time you’re 45 which is what I’m planning on doing.

  2. Great advice, thank you. I am sharing this for my nephew Alex who is currently serving in the Navy on the USS Lake Erie cg-70. Love you Mijo, so proud of you!

  3. Veterans are fucking idiots. Serving in oil wars, killing innocent people for minimum wage, and prolonging the 4th industrial revolution/ evolution of the human species. Fucking morons.

  4. These are great tips, but they aren't all the best possible tips to follow. If you are leaving service, the best thing you can do prior to leaving is attending the transitioning courses offered by your installation's transition office. They will pretty much provide the same tips and more. Sometimes they miss critical pointers, and that's when knowing someone who has successfully transitioned is key. If you mostly kept to yourself during service and don't know many people, LinkedIn is a good site to begin networking with other veteran's (transition offices usually recommend this). Finances is another big issue. In addition to the tips given in this video and the tips you will learn from your installation transition office, you need to consider investing your TSP. If your bank or credit union offers a financial adviser, talk to the adviser about your future goals so they can advise how to effectively invest your TSP.

  5. If you read this comment, be blessed! ✨I was motivated by Patrick work and I started in Romania this YouTube channel called #Vibratii_inalte (high frequencies). Episode 10 and counting.
    Currently we are at episode #9. One day I will be a guest @Valuetainment . Namaste 🙏

  6. This video nailed exactly what I am going through right now. I got out May 2019 and I am literally in the middle of all the challenges you spoke about. It is easy to just give up after a little bit of resistance from the universe but we have to go in long term. Thank you for the video, Pat. I’ve been wanting you to make a veteran video for a while. I’m glad you made it and I can apply it to my life during my transition.

  7. I served for 24 years with multiple deployments and recently retired. It's not as easy to transition as you think. It's a complete mind shift that takes a bit of time to get used to and there are things I still struggle with. Although the military has helped me develop knowledge and skills, thank God for being an Entrepreneur because the knowledge and skills I have developed during that process (although different than the military) have helped me stay focused.

  8. Much needed.
    I plan on transitioning out in February 2021.
    I have a couple of things that are trying to sway me to stay in or out.

    #9 resonants with me.

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