How to Talk to Anyone with Ease and Confidence

How can you have dazzling conversation with everyone you meet? In this video, I share a few conversation tricks and nonverbal tips that use both your communication and people skills to lead to amazing conversation and memorable first impressions. Check out this video on the art (and science) of sparkling conversation.

Want some good conversation starter topics? I have some awesome conversation starters that can help spark interesting, deep and unforgettable conversation with anyone you interact with:

Vanessa Van Edwards is Lead Investigator at Science of People — where she unlocks the formulas and patterns behind human behavior for hundreds of thousands of students in over 200 countries. She is the national bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People, available in 14 languages around the world. Her work has been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC, Fast Company and dozens more.

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26 Comments on “How to Talk to Anyone with Ease and Confidence”

  1. l got a lot friends now i never inspect to have so many nice people, i feel more open now and before. Wow?

  2. A: Hello who are you?
    B: Batter than you thanks for asking

    A: What are you going to do later on?
    B: O nothing you would be interested in

  3. you have to have a lot of energy for this and be willing to spend it on conversation…
    it’s ok to not want to spend a lot of energy in conversation.
    i love great conversation, but i know myself and know that i need to be in the right frame of mind for it.

  4. Sometimes the smallest things makes the biggest difference. Always felt awkward in these situations. Thank you so much and I know this will make my interactions significantly better, especially in my line of work where networking is important.

  5. Man, Vanessa Van is DAZZLING and also intelligent, charming & fine. Much respect to you, your husband and your family Vanessa…

  6. I smile immediately when I meet someone, partially out of nervousness, but I’ve read it’s best not to. I try to force myself not to smile so quickly but it’s hard.

  7. sometimes it's not me though, it's them who don't reciprocate well in a conversation. Like you know when you're trying but the opposite side may not be interested. In that case, you can't really force anything in and the best thing to do is to just let life flow and refrain from unrealistic expectations.

  8. These tips work for some.. But for most shy people they dont.. Its just a program but if you dont feel like her program lines you fool your self and even feel more terrible. My tip is to built first your selflove. Selfcare. Do what makes you happy.. Eat drink healty.. Do some sports… Take good care of all the components of your life… Finance.. Your house etc. Grab the energy that lift you.. Then you get the energy to talk… On a natural way… Then your full of positive energy.. And your base is good energy so self confidence comes natuarally. Do with it what you want but these are my tips for those who need it. And talk about your pain and sorrow so your inside. Hidden clouds can minimise so you dont feel ashamed to talk to people. If ypu feel nice inside its so easy to have conversation. If you feel trapped in dark clouds inside its so hard especially if you hide the true feelings you have. There you go. Daniël.

  9. smile
    shoulders down and back
    “Hi, How are you?”
    “I’m well, how are you?”
    “I’m well, thanks.”
    runs away crying

  10. I always have conversations in my head that ill only have in my imagination bc im not the right person in the right universe to EVER have these conversations

  11. Great stuff, but I feel the host maybe rushed her along after "sparks" right into "ending." Is there a specific video where Vanessa expounds on these tips in more detail, without someone directing the conversation with time considerations?

  12. A lot of super looking vain single people are very lonely .So they rejected many folks trying to talk to them .It is easier to not talk to anyone .

  13. Can you do a video for introverts who want to meet new people but struggle with conversations

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