How to Think Big as an Entrepreneur

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I believe today’s the easiest time EVER in the history of mankind to think big as an entrepreneur. You’ll find out why I say that by the end of this video and article. I’m going to cover 16 things you can implement to start you thinking bigger than you’ve ever thought before.

#1: Math – 4:48

#2: Small Victories – 7:24

#3: Test it With the People Around You — 8:09

#4: Study People – 10:27

#5: Solve Problems – 12:18

#6: Imagination – 14:04

#7: Turn Off the Noise – 16:50

#8: Test the Capacity of an Idea – 18:48

#9: Let the Idea Loose – 21:03

#10: Curiosity – 21:39

#11: Ask, “Why Not Me?” – 23:24

#12: Cut the Fat – 27:01

#13: Believers – 28:10

#14: Momentum vs. Resistance- 28:31

#15: Look Where No One’s Looking 34:44

#16: Forbid Conventional Solutions – 36:30

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For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit

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18 Comments on “How to Think Big as an Entrepreneur”

  1. i only have 5 mins to get ready to go out. but im still watching this video >_< while brushing my teeth. what have u done to me man!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the nice video. I have been watching your videos all the weekend and will watch the rest of them in the next days. Seriously you gave me hope when I am really down. I will make a vision board like yours to keep myself motivated. I admire you and I am sure that your parents are very proud of you. Greeting from Tunisia 🙂

  3. i have been watching some of your videos long before i subscibed and i am sorry about that. you are really valuetainment. you give value for every second you take. thank you

  4. why not you?…. such a simple question that blowed my mind,love this channel and i hope i can actually have the courage to do it

  5. tesla might be a potential trillionaire one day… all that he needs to do is to sell 4 million tesla roadsters, or 8 million model S or X,… how tho? help big companies that help others make a lot of money, meaning, invest in shopify marketing so more millionaires are born, were at 500k millionaires in the US alone, so once theres more millionaires out there to be able to afford these cars then tesla will make its trillion LOL reply if u have a better alternative, how would u do it??

  6. Rule 13 is y I joined the BBQ business every year that passes it's a dying market ppl my age don't like the work or to cook

  7. Patrick keep pouring the gas brother everyday I wake up and hear your advice the bigger my fire in my stomach grows not that I didn't already have the drive you just help concur alot of my own ideas as well i was unsure on, you are truly a dominant male in life and in business, I respect the hell outta that. I will not fail myself as an entrepreneur and I will not let you down with your hopes of me fixing some problems in the world keep a look out for me in the next 10 years your gunna see you have a blessed day the video was great I related to every sec pat for president lol!!!!

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