Internet Startups Show – Cup #13 of Smoking Hot Coffee Podcast

Comster and @Amul_Patel are back with cup #13 to discuss a new online dating site that sets up triple dates, another craigslist shutdown, internet radio str…

2 Comments on “Internet Startups Show – Cup #13 of Smoking Hot Coffee Podcast”

  1. I’m liking some stuff you cover, bit of honest criticism, I think some
    topics could be a little better, I liked the talk you had about the
    metromaps on Craigslist, but I do understand you don’t choose what
    companies launch on the internet, loving these videos though, keep em
    coming 🙂

  2. Loved this podcast! I work at Motionloft and we really enjoyed watching
    your reactions to our product. Let me know if you would like more
    information about the data we are collecting!

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