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42 Comments on “Introverts – The New Entrepreneur”

  1. I'm a textbook introvert (my MBTI is INTJ). In regards to #1 —- I can only tolerate ego if it's backed up with substance (i.e. you're effective at what you do). Let's take Michael Jordan — huge ego but he worked hard and he was incredibly effective at his job. Otherwise, I can see right through you and have no room to deal with people who are "faking it till they make it."

  2. Thanks for this. These things I know but it's good to hear them and see them be acknowledged. When I was growing up it was never seen as an asset or an attribute to be "introverted." But when we come to accept that we are typically better listeners, we are more comfortable with ourselves, we take time to think and analyze before acting, etc. these are all great qualities when embraced and harnessed well become the foundation of great and lasting success not just from a financial or business standpoint but in life overall with relationships and personal goals.

  3. So what is it called when you are Introvert “based” with various Type A traits?

    I find myself more in the middle rather than 100% to the left or right. Has confused me for a long time now

  4. No, Introverts don't say, " Oh wow. I could never be like him." Instead an Introvert will be THINKING, "Why is he so LOUD?" 😂

  5. All INTROVERTS must read a book named Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain . It will change your perspective of yourself. You will be proud of being introvert.

  6. Do you think you’d made it as far as you have in your career if you hadn’t changed your name to a more let’s say, Caucasian sounding label ?

  7. I almost hate that you are revealing all of our secrets. Besides #5 because extros tend to get uneasy about how we don’t care to go out for drinks as opposed to getting more work done.

  8. I’m 17 rn and about to graduate high school I still don’t know what I’m good at doing and I’m worried Ill just be average but that not what I want for my life does anyone know anything I can rn to help create myself into that person to become successful ?

  9. Thank you for making this video Pat 😊
    I would say an introvert would be more likely to keep on working on their goals and find ways to rectify their weaknesses compared to getting ‘acknowledgement’ on their success. As long as the success ticks their box, that’s all that matters.

    Cheers to my fellow introverts! May your success builds upon your current successes.

  10. I wonder how you integrate introverts into your culture. You need them, yet in the video you created 4 years ago, where you described your company's culture, most of the things you do are very unpleasant for introverts ( Many activities put them in the center of attenttion like gifts or birthdays or calls to volunteer, and we hate parties. You seem to party all the time. I join company parties to fit in, but need time to recover mentally from them every time. And the "pranks" you mention can be as terrible as terrorism on introverts. It's not that we cannot enjoy pranks or humor or banter, I had a lot of fun while doing my military service, it's tthe most honest feedback environment I've ever encountered. However, pranks can cross the line quickly and introverts hate being kept from doing important stuff. Never waste an introvert's time.

  11. This guy, idk who he is my first time watching; is deleted from wiki pages and any info on his bio. only his own websites or product pages come up. Don't follow this guy… as an introvert that knows ppl i'm staying away

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