IoT Trends and Insights for Hardware Startups | IoT Panel
An IoT Panel discusses current IoT trends & insights for hardware startups at the Hardware Massive Hong Kong event.

Panelist #1: William Dam – Senior Technical Evangelist of Microsoft Hong Kong DX Team
William Dam serves as the Microsoft Hong Kong Bizspark Champ and also responsible for Windows platform developer adoption. William has involved with partner engagement, process and startups advisory on technology and lately focusing on IoT and Fintech segment.

Panelist #2: Francis Ng – Managing Director Asia at Wearable IoT World
Francis is the Managing Director, Asia at Wearable IoT World, a global accelerator for wearable tech and has 20 years of R&D experience and a rich background in software engineering and business development. Mr. Ng specializes in product management, Internet, startups, and consulting, helping several companies launch in the Chinese market. Through the years, Francis has developed a wide network of business, technology and investment professionals across China, Europe and the U.S.

Panelist #3: Greg Fisher – Founder of BSG Berkeley Sourcing Group, Founder of Hardware Massive
Greg Fisher works with startups to manufacture innovative products, and help establish Hardware Massive, the global hardware startup ecosystem, and the annual conference, Hardware Con, whose missions are to empower hardware startups to succeed through networking, education, and access to resources.

Panelist #4: Ben Wong – Head of Startup Launchpad
Ben Wong is responsible for developing Startup Launchpad – Asia’s forst B2B tradeshow + tech conference event for hardware startups – and manages the company’s cross-border O2O distribution channels for emerging brands in the Asia Pacific region.