Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It? Patrick Bet-David proposes a key question for entrepreneurs. Subscribe

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Over the years, many of you have asked me why I create content and openly share my strategies with you. The answer is quite simple yet emotional. Simple because I believe the strategies I share can get anyone results living in any country. Emotional because I know how close I was to giving up and just being average and ordinary. How close I was to just throwing in the towel. How close I was to believing my critics that I wasn’t good enough to compete in the market place. I never thought I would wake up one day running a financial firm with nearly 10,000 agents with Oscar De La Hoya as one of my investors. I never thought I’d create a brand called “Valuetainment” that inspires millions of Entrepreneurs around the world. I never thought I would get to a point of having billionaires, politicians, influencers and celebrities on speed dial. But something changed.

I got CLEAR on what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

I got CLEAR on a problem solving strategy that helped me in the war room, board room and the bedroom.

I got CLEAR on effective strategies and hacks that helped me grow during good times and bad times.

I got CLEAR on the type of a leader I want to be and the type of a team I want to build.

This is why “The Vault” is an event you must attend in 2019. I truly believe Valuetainment will be known as the brand that inspired the next generation of great leaders, minds, innovators and Entrepreneurs around the world. I will also be unveiling the vision of Valuetainment at the conference. We are in search for leaders around the world and I can’t wait to meet many of you face to face in Dallas.

Much love,

Patrick Bet-David (Tweet: @patrickbetdavid)

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45 Comments on “Is It Worth It?”

  1. Thank you so much for sparking the thought in many peoples heads and making them think and rethink. I’m grateful that I’m not into drugs, alcohol or partying. Picked up reading about two years ago and figuring out how it all works. I do it in Bursts now cause I got overwhelmed a couple of times and drove me crazy. Bursts after a resting period and it pushes me higher every time. … Gob bless you and love you 2

  2. We don’t get better by not trying. We get it done. We learn from pain and experience. If we keep doing it we will keep receiving what we have always received.

  3. May be a great video for some humans but others humans like myself don't need a reminder from others humans about what is worth it for my life. People need babysitters, role model or mentors why? To be successful? People forget to be themselves and now they need to be motivated to improve their life ??? brother pleaseeeeeee not Oby I'm Strong forever as long as I have a heartbeat and healthy. Stand strong be yourself you're already unique.

  4. I hope you read the comment section because I'd like to know what someone should do if they know working hard is worth it and they're working hard, but they're not sure if they've set the right direction. I see many plausible paths to greatness but I haven't committed to any single path. I given my all to many goals over the past 3-4 years, some felt more right than others, but at the end of all of these sprints, the question of identity and mission always arises and derails my path.

    What would you say to someone who puts in the hours, but ends up following the path to become a dilettante instead of the path to mastery?

  5. Many of us have great loving fathers, like I do, thank God. But my father doesn't have your prespective Pat and his hard life formed him differently. I appreciate your advices and insights about business, life and in all the other topics. This is what the internet is for, to help us people who WANT IT, to get more knowlegde, brighter viewpoints and who ask certain questions, and your videos can change our lifes.

  6. IOW,
    if you want to enjoy better results in your life then make better decisions.

    To make better decisions, make better choices to be available that lend toward making better decisions.

    To have better choices available, have better friends around you that help you in seeing other choices that are available.

    To have better friends, develop better conversation, and that you do by determining what it is that YOU do want to aspire to achieve.

    It's what YOU want to aspire for that will learn yourself the conversation with others who share similar interests of aspiration for the same types of choices to choose from which will lead to making better decisions.

    It's in realizing achievement towards what drives your internal aspirations that realizes the accomplishments of making sound decisions from better choices to choose from, all of which is determinable by those who are your strong influence affecting your outlook towards life whether it's in the desert or the garden.

    Gosh, I hope this makes sense to someone else other than myself. Have pondered this in hindsight wishing for all of the above many years ago yet was without that influence and is alI I have left to share for those who would to see the difference.

    May GOD bless you

  7. It's so painful when you're not doing your best and u know u can be more than the person that u are now, I'm 23 even I'm doing my best everyday but believe me everynight when i go to bed alot of regrets and ideas about what i could be if i did this 3 years ago or if i did that 1 year ago, its cause me headache and keep me awake, I'm trying to reach my best potential as much as possible cuz i imagine how hard the pain is going to be after years if I didn't, and as u said all of us will be 68 in no time..

  8. OMG Patrick!!! This just woke me up soo hard. I was thinking about this. I have been slacking on making my goals and following them over the last 1 year. I was a go getter who would usually put his mind to something and get it done. Over, the last year I fell off the wagon and somewhere stopped being that guy. This is what I really needed to get back on track. Thanks Patrick 🙂 much love and take care brother

  9. I believed that the most times you spent your life that's what you value you most. Right now here's the following i value most;

    1. God – See to it daily to read His Word and Attend Church.
    2. Family and Friends – Spent time and ask them how are they?
    3. Health – Regular exercise and diet to prolong my missions in life.
    4. Business – Focus and Innovations/strategy regularly and train leaders
    5. Community service – Participate on good soil ground project. I usually participate giving Bibles and teaching evangelism and OJT.
    6. Vacation- Spent with families sometimes in beach, massage and went to visit place that we have never been there.
    7. Sharing God's Word and Sharing my profits to those who are deserving to be helped.

  10. I needed to see this. I seen multiple people online partying and having an absolute amazing time while partying then I remember that if I spend my time partying constantly I will not be able to develop my full potential! Without full potential over time those party's would dull me out and I will eventually dim out. If I choose to invest my time in the right things I will prosper and those party's will be more enjoyable because I will do them once in a while instead of all the time. I will invest my time and when I need to let loose…I will

  11. Something I realise I believe alot of people are chasing the wrong thing what ever industry you in and the business you in really need to be real to yourself as to what you want to build what business you want to build chasing the high of building a great product and a great business instead of focusing on becoming a billionaire totally different because when you start making money you suddenly stop but chasing creation you keep going 10 to 20years from now especially if you love the industry

  12. It's worth it for me ..
    But really does it worth it for you ?
    Calculate it and see how much damge can you whistand for it …
    On the other hand you can also win

  13. If you don’t keep your mind moving forward, you’ll become what happened to you instead of becoming what you were created to be.

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