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28 Comments on “It Was All A Dream- BEST INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO”

  1. Excellent presentation Pat! I want that my figure from 12 months to 24 months will reach an average P25,000 weekly to hit P100K monthly profit for one car only. Now my actual weekly records in my Grab TNVS Transport Services for one car is; P19,201 previous two weeks ago, P21,800 last week and this week P22,966. My Goal to get P25K weekly or even higher consistently for 24 months or even higher or going to even 5 years straight for one car. Previously Pat my record only is P12,500 weekly for one car before starting to watching Valuetainment. But after watching valuetainment my results is going upward consistently hehe… and my major goal Pat is to double my number of car every year and 6 years from now retire it. Thanks Pat for your efforts you are inspiration to me. God bless you and give you more strength and wisdom in your life. Viva Valuetainment at Mabuhay ka Pat!

  2. Patrick, I am very proud of you. I'm little Wyoming! Joined PHP in 2015 and I have just been watching your business and platform skyrocket since then. You are a true inspiration.

  3. Searched through your list of videos found maybe two thaat interest me. You got a great scam going good for you.
    No more sub from me, worthless videos.

  4. my name is LAZARO VALADEZ. im invested in this business. in my business. everyone is against me. i will not be bent. patrick. i will make a difference. regardless of all the struggles that ive been given and caused for myself. i am self aware. i am disciplined. i AM HUNGRY. HELP ME. i work under veronica and Jose Terrazas. SHE IS AMAZING. but i really want to pick your brain. i need help. i am teaching myself economics while doing the xcel learning. i am disciplined and noone will change my mind. i will work til death. regardless. i. dont. care.

  5. i want prosperity patrick. money is just a byproduct. i want to feel like i m doing something meaningful for the advancement of civilization. its my responsibility as a higher level thinker. MENTOR ME PLEASE. i am ignorant still. teach me. i can learn. i can be coached. my will is implacable.

  6. There was a person named Nikola Tesla and he changed the world to an immeasurably degree, single handedly. FEW know who he was and what he did. Why is that?

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