Jim Rohn: The Secret To Self Control (Personal Development)

Jim Rohn: The Secret To Self Control (Jim Rohn motivation)
No one understands as I do the inherent difficulty in changing old and persistent habits. But habits begin to change when we begin to change our perceptions.
Most of us don’t experience a cataclysmic transformation. No, for most of us change comes as an evolutionary process of almost imperceptible changes. We just keep nudging ourselves in the right direction, forming one or two better habits.

But what really makes us sit up and take notice? What really causes us to shed our old habits and take action?

Disgust with ourselves.
Making a decision when our backs are to the wall.
Desire that won’t be extinguished.
Resolve to do or die.

Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Under the power of emotions, human beings can perform the most heroic (as well as barbaric) acts. To a great degree, civilization itself can be defined as the intelligent channeling of human emotion. Emotions are fuel and the mind is the pilot, which together propel the ship of civilized progress.

Jim Rohn
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16 Comments on “Jim Rohn: The Secret To Self Control (Personal Development)”

  1. How do I get longer videos without adds!! It’s so annoying. Great content. Hate having to skip adds

  2. Yes yes yes…I agree long time ago I was young that time I had a dream and I put it in my heart I am so serious about it every time I think about my dream it makes me feel strong ( and I don't know how I get there)that I never have job, NO money, but of course I keep thinking of how i do it!?but I keep my self moving forward ,maybe then someday I can make my dream come true…I had a list of my goal( dreams) I wrorte it in a piece of paper and leave it a side, Then recently I looked back in my list of dream goals I found out my dream will come true to life become reality….
    I can't believe that I did it well… and I cry about my dreams and goals of life….
    So when i ACHIEVED my all goals and dream ,,,my list I throw it away just recently year2014 one day I listen to one of motivationaries in you tube oh wow I cannot believe that is a kind of a law of life…
    Thank you for your good advise and motivate us,thank you for sharing your knowledge….Thank you thank you Thank you..God bless to us all
    You are wonderful amazing human being. Love you .you are a bright light of the world…


  3. this is a beautiful business sermon i ever heard. lets do this and teach this to our kids…

  4. What a great man. I wish I knew all this when I left High School over 30 years ago. Thank you for sharing this audio…??

  5. yall cant be that stupid i feel sorry for the future of this world he just told you your value is what you get paid for and basically this video is to what teach you how to gain value for what for money he just proved you have no value because your acting like he said something you didnt know who the fuck is this idiot to him you have no value. Value yourself hes playing to your desire for money and value which is the dumbest shit i ever herd wake up these videos all appeared out of nowhere simultaneosly coincidence i think not and if you dont believe me call him up on the phone and ask him or any of these rich fuksyour value….. oh you cant right cause have no value to him or any of them you are priceless but you dont even believe that e less they tell you. Look up Agenda 21 and see how much tbey value you a if you dont then you dont value yourself enough to find out the true you have yo be told what is and what is notWake up

  6. You can add value wherever you go. You can step up the ladder in life. The value you add can grow. Every moment of life lets you grow. Every person and experience can teach you things.You can study all things. Al things change. Have goal that build momentum, Chart a progress mind. Release the past.You create the future.

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