John Gotti’s Hitman Exposes The Dark Side of Mafia

Former Mafia enforcer John Alite does a sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk about how he became the Gotti Family’s enforcer and how he’s still alive to talk about it. Order the book The Darkest Hour:

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GQ Magazine article:

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About John Alite: John Edward Alite also known as Johnny Alletto is an Albanian-American former Gambino family associate, informant and motivational speaker. He was an associate of the Gambino crime family and John A. Gotti.

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21 Comments on “John Gotti’s Hitman Exposes The Dark Side of Mafia”

  1. I find it immensely disturbing that somebody who has so much blood on his hands and has taken so many lives is just walking around Scott free without being worried that somebody’s going to come after him. It just doesn’t seem just or right.

  2. This dude over here talking about slapping around made guys 😂😂😂 anyone that has watched 1 show on the mob knows you don’t touch a made man. Apparently this dude was just the baddest MF’r in the world LMAO

  3. Paying attention to his body language and the way he’s speaking, I don’t think he’s lying at all, he not only answers but does it comfortably with no stutters or hesitations and even gives added detail, and his passion for telling the story grows. In my opinion he’s telling the truth, speaking off memory and the more memories he reveals the deeper he goes into his thoughts revealing more information.

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