24 Comments on “Learn HTML code: button”

  1. Can you help me on how do we make for the action of clicking one button to occur automatically without clicking the button with a mouse?

  2. It worked! I was creating a website but I do not know how to put the link I want it to stay.

  3. I have one question, how can I access my another webpage that I made through buttons?. Does a href also work with offline webpages?

  4. I have a button generator but do not know how to add the html with the css to embed. Of course, I am not coder. LOL. Could you demonstrate this please???

  5. Dont working how to fix ? My button open file :
    I click button and :
    Your file was not found
    It may have been moved or deleted.

  6. OK Chris – You went from 1 to 4 then back to 2, the to 6,,, then to 9,,, and I forgot where to put the style code (red etc) for the button.

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