Learn Startup Funding & Venture Capital By SMS

Startup founders, MBA students, Junior VCs, and angel investors are busy professionals. We get it.

So we developed a whole array of online courses by SMS. They are delivered straight to your smartphone every day.

You will not only receive the lessons, but also make exercises and receive feedback.

So you can achieve your goals on the go.

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The TytchMe Academy is the first e-mentoring platform dedicated to startup funding and venture capital. If you’re raising funds with financial investors, trying to get a VC job, or want to improve your angel investing skills, we’re here for you!

We are at the forefront of learning technology, offering content in innovative formats because not everyone learns the same way.

Online courses, SMS-learning, Email-learning, Webinars, Live Streams, The VC Vodcast, and The Pitch Fix are some of the formats we use. Visit us for more information!

We leverage online tools for you to master the basics, so we can apply more effective mentoring during our interactions: one-to-one, one-to-many, and even many-to-many.

We don’t do (just) e-learning. We fixed mentoring for the fast-paced startup/VC world to help YOU achieve your goals.

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