Less But Better | Essentialism in Business

hey it's patti scharf CPA and co-founderof catching clouds the leader in e-commerce accounting and today I'mgoing to talk about something a little bit different I'm not going to talk justabout e-commerce businesses I want to talk about something that applies to allbusinesses and actually I think to everybody kind of in the world or atleast in America I'm reading this book called essentialism the disciplinedpursuit of less by Greg McKee sorry I know I butchered that but in anycase it is it's a great book I'm not all the way through it yet I'm not going togive you a book review I just want to say that as I was reading this a fewthings came to mind so the gist of the book is talking about how we as peoplecan do less but better right now we're living in a world of busyness so notbusiness but busyness where people are there they're just so busy being busy ifyou ask somebody in America hey how are you doing they say something like I'm sobusy and that's not actually how you're doing that's or that's more I guessliterally how you're doing but we want to know how you are as a human being andbeing and doing is not the same thing and I think with the increase in screensand you know everybody's just attached to their phones all the time itincreases this sense of anxiety people don't have time to think they don't havetime to plan what they want to do and what's really important is that peoplehave some time left over time to think time to breathe time to exercise and eatright and sleep time just to recharge and to be with their family and theirfriends and do the things that they enjoy doing you know basically justenjoy the fruits of all their labor so so that's busyness and I was kind ofjuxtaposing that against business a lot of people that I know a lot of businessowners they really focus on the gross revenue of their business oh you knowI've got a two million dollar business a five million dollar business and I feellike they are so much about maximizing their grossrevenue so the the total amount of sales that they get from operating theirbusiness and they're not focusing on what they should be focusing on which isthe net income for the business which is the net income is the amount afteryou've paid your payroll and paid your overhead and paid for the cost ofproducts you're selling and things like that and just like with time really thewhole goal of having a business is to have money left over because it's thatmoney that's left over that really fuels your dreams I mean it's it's the excessmoney that provides security so that you've got extra money in the bank incase there are hard times it's that extra money that gives you freedom soyou don't have to go work for somebody else and it's that extra money thathelps you build your dreams let's you launch that next project or the nextbusiness or whatever so my point here is that when it comes to time peopleshouldn't be focused on how busy they are when it comes to their business theyshouldn't be focused on that top-line revenue in both cases you should bethinking about what's left over the leftover time that that you can spenddoing the things you want and the leftover money that you can use to spenddoing the things you want and that should really be your focus so youshould be thinking about all the things that you can do to leverage that time sothat you can do more with less or as Greg whose last name I'm not going topronounce again in essentialism as saying do less but better do figure outwhat the most important things you are the most important things you need to doare so that you can use it as a lever to maximize the things that will get youwhere you really want to go and I think that all sounds great in theory I knowthe next question is probably great so how do you propose I do that I would Iwould say just start by reading essentialism I think it's a reallyworthwhile read I have a few links down below to other YouTube videos that youmight want to check out if you have a businessand you're thinking about getting rid of things that you shouldn't be doing as abusiness owner you should be focused on sourcing products you should be focusedon marketing you shouldn't be doing the accounting yourself I have a blog postand a video about how to find an accountant to help you out I hope youlike this video if you did please hit the like button and comment share withyour friends and if you haven't already please subscribe and I'll catch youlater.

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