Letting Go by David R. Hawkins (Study Notes)

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44 Comments on “Letting Go by David R. Hawkins (Study Notes)”

  1. I love love LOVE your channel. I refer many people to it 🙂 Where do I find a video about the levels of awareness/consciousness ? I´ve heard you mention it before ; ex. ´Humanity in general is at a level 231´ …. Would love to find more info on this… Anyone?

  2. I love this so much and I Keep coming back to it again and again. I read the book simultaneously, but when I’m on the move, I love to listening to your soft voice and your take on this material. I get so inspired to continue on this path. Deeply Thank you

  3. Joseph,your channel is my favorite channel on YouTube.You are so wonderful and insightful.Thank you so so so much.I am so incredibly grateful for all this valuable information that is continually helping me become the best version of myself.May God Keep blessings you.Much love from Sacramento California.❤️

  4. I have read this book because a lot of people that I admire have put it in their Top5 books everyone should read.. But I really can't pretend that I agree with some stupid shit I found there .. I love Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and all that people that recommend that book but some of the stuff is so delusional that I would stop with the reading immediately but I continued because I couldn't believe that Jim or Tony would recommend it if it was not realistic and science based .. The only reason I didn't burn that book is because it was audio book.. The author claims stuff like.
    —Guy that broke his foot, like really physically something fell and crushed it "Surrendered the feeling" and didn't ask for medical help and his leg healed by itself.. The peace's of bone glued to one another by the power of Letting go..
    Physically damaged parts of body like eyes and legs and spine healed even though there is no scientific proof or evidence or anything ..
    — Diseases like diabetes or even something more serious was healed by Letting it go .. How the fuck do you let go of falling in to a coma from not receiving insulin -_- ..
    At the beginning book seemed ok but later on it was so annoying I couldn't believe someone with common sense would even consider trying to stop taking the medication and "Letting it go" ..
    Really sorry for my bad English but guys ,, Please be careful what you read and what you consider trying on your body..
    And yes I remembered now,, It is also stated that poisonous gas can't do you no harm if you dont believe that it will affect you ..
    So when you take animals and poison them they die because they believe you are poisoning them :O ..

  5. Excellent commentary but you need to work on your mic technique to compensate for your tendency to speak too softly to be heard. I have to turn my volume up THREE TIMES its normal setting to simply even hear this clip.

  6. Thank you Joseph. You're a good orator. Not to mention that so far you have covered about 90% of my old library that I eventually had to digitize because of limits of how many physical books I could bring with me when relocating to Mexico for retirement.

  7. Hi Joseph, I have been thinking about reading this book for a long time. Glad you did an analysis on this. I think one thing that stood out for me was about Fear. I spent a whole decade not working on my dreams because of fear and anxiety. Recently, I have tried doing this. Everytime I have fear on an action that aligns with my goals, I take a small action and give my self an immediate reward. Just in the last 3 weeks, I have done more action than previous 7 months. I think the key is to start small. Hopefully, this helps.

  8. I really love David Hawkins teachings. Its funny because I have several of his books which I've had to order online as they aren't available in the local book stores. Yesterday I was really aware of how I must surrender, let go of all my seeming control and yet I have no idea how to really do it. I walked into a local shop looking for a book by Leonard Jacobson titled Journey Into Now and there I saw Letting Go by Hawkins on the shelf. It jumped out at me almost as if it were illuminated. I didn't buy it because I wanted the other book and can't afford both but my gut says to go back and get the Hawkins one, it was there for me. Cheers Joseph, and thank you.

  9. I am blown away. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I just purchased your course and am making it "my one thing" as I am at the early stages of my entrpeneurial journey. Thank you for your incredible work.

  10. What if the whole world had the curious drive and desire to improve themselves to the point of putting the time (even if active/passive) into digesting these books/concepts/videos? Well, I can't worry about them anymore can I? Thanks again Joseph, *A.

  11. When Infinite Intelligence told Napoleon Hill to create his Laws of Success book and his subsequent books, it knew that you would be part of that same gift to mankind. The ongoing fruits of that first tree. God bless you my friend.

  12. Because of you I started to read Paramahansa Yogananda and extended my meditation sessions to 2 hours. I'll also do 8 hours like a yogi in the book. The book explains that indeed when you meditate for a long time you feel much better than after sleeping. Powerful stuff

  13. People stopped evolving WHY ?
    Because of religon/institutional education
    Once I realized this & kicked all religion all institutions
    Stared looking into myself, started asking myself questions, I got answers & I started Evolving myself,
    Doing this completely changed me & my life, I literally went from Welfare to Wealthy
    From an Emotional wreck to Emotionally intelligent
    From unknowing to Knowing
    From mental health issues Like Anxiety, CPTSD & PTSD, severe HYPERVIGGILENCE, few other nasties, to mentally stable,
    I had to Let go of every thing I thought felt & believed about myself others & the way life worked before I could Evolve myself my mind my life,
    There is one clear thread through it all,
    NOTHING Exists outside of ourselves
    Everything begins & Ends Within ourselves
    As Within = As Without
    Every person we encounter is a part of us sent to us by us to learn us
    That which we see in other's exists within ourselves …
    People are sent to us to learn ourselves, our negatives AND our Positives are shown to us through others
    People are but mirrors reflecting ourselves back to us,
    We aren't taught this & can't see it, especially if we don't like that which we see in others, instead we judge them point fingers at them, never thinking to look at ourselves, never thinking what is this person teaching me about myself.
    the term
    Don't shoot the messenger comes to mind here… everyone is too busy condemning judging & shooting the messenger to get the message,
    Always forgetting
    That when we point ONE finger at another … there are THREE fingers pointing backwards at us,
    If people could learn just that ONE true thing then they'd stop judging others Stop hating on others Stop shaming others, etc etc because they'd know it's only themselves they are judging shaming condemning,
    They would understand that which they see in other's exists within themselves & Look at themselves instead of avoiding themselves & denying themselves, this is Evolving yourself overcoming yourself

    An example of this is ANGER LOOKING FOR A CAUSE people are Angry within but take it out on thier without,
    We see this in Protesters, political parties/thier followers, sporting rivals etc etc
    People use these platforms to take out thier own inner ANGER onto others, falsely believing it's an outside source causing them to be Angry, ITS NOT, they're already angry they're just looking for a cause to take thier own inner anger/turmoil out on, could be in Protesting , voting then hating on the opposition, following a sports team hating on the opposition, or it could be the person driving that cut you off or the shop assistant that wasn't quick enough, then you use them as an EXCUSE for your own created inner anger, whomever whatever it is , the ANGER comes from within NOT without … Folks are just waiting looking for something or someone to express thier own angers/frustration/resentment out on

    To Evolve yourself is to know yourself,
    The next time you find yourself angry/frustrated/hating on other people, who they are what they stand for STOP & ask yourself this,
    Ok this person/situation is making me angry/frustrated/upset, but I know it's not them, it's something in me this is 'ringing' so what can I learn about myself from this person/situation? What is this person/situation teaching me about myself? Where & why am I really angry within? What's the real reason I'm triggered here, how Can I learn grow & Evolve myself through this person/situation …
    You will be given the answer immediately or it will come later,
    But ask it & you shall recieve it!

    Give it a try & watch yourself Learn grow & Evolve to your superior self
    Said with much Love Kindness and Respect to all ??

  14. I’m really curious to see your perspectives and notes on Oshos books.. the ones I’ve read so far are Mind body balancing, Courage, and creativity none of them will disappoint ??

  15. Great vid thanks. I'm confused about how to reconsile the burning desire of Napoleon Hill and the fact that budha said that one of the things at the root of all suffering is desire. How do you do this Joseph?

  16. Joseph u are a beast! Everything u are saying is on point. Its interesting how I tend to fluctuate between acceptance and lower levels of consciousness. I have to keep revisiting ideas and concepts like this to remind myself at times of lower consciousness. Though I believe my base level is acceptance, Im starting to understand more and more as time passes that your mind truly is like a garden. Sometimes I catch myself feeling lower negative vibrations due to whatever circumstances that happen. Through meditation and letting go, im able to bring myself back up. We must keep tending to our garden and continuously pull out the weeds because they are always going to grow no matter what. Thank you for all the content you are putting out. Im revisiting this book right now to get the concepts of it deeper into my subconscious.

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