Life of An Entrepreneur – Billionaire Lifestyle #2

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Entrepreneur Lifestyle – Billionaire

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30 Comments on “Life of An Entrepreneur – Billionaire Lifestyle #2”

  1. this motivated me to study more carefully and learn and absorb everything because not only studying can give you a job or money its the talent of people and mind which make you great.

  2. You can have anything in this world but not everything, if you try to have everything you will end up with nothing. Focus on happiness !

  3. Being a billionaire : yes a crank for 10-12 years . You enjoy the power . You live the life in that moment. How many sustain with the same life style none “ every one has set of there own problems” brain scientifically can’t stay stoned what ever you have today you want more . There is no graph for a millionaire billionaire ( fictitious ). No one will come up with a exact picture of mind state or calmness that a millionaire or a bill will have .
    The most stupid person will get inspired with the materialistic things of the mills and bills. If you can’t sleep 8 hours and can’t digest the food you eat , can’t feel happy, always worried . That’s the hidden “ a day with and mill and bill .

  4. Sucess is a trade of yourself , cherished with right digestion power to mintain it , how many stay on the mountain no one talks about that .

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